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Tech 2 Final Project: Cudacountry Skateboard

by Robert B (6th Period)

Robert B

on 5 June 2013

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Transcript of Tech 2 Final Project: Cudacountry Skateboard

By Robert Bereiter Tech 2 Final Exam: Cudacountry Skateboard Day 1: May 2, 2013 Day 2: May 3, 2013 Day 3: May 6, 2013 Day 4: May 7, 2013 Day 5: May 8, 2013 Schedule Week 1:
5/2- Begin Deck
5/3- Work on Deck Today I decided to do the skateboard, and began to work on the deck. I got through the first spline in the deck I proceeded to work on the deck. I finished the main lofting Week 2:
5/6- Finish Deck/ Begin Baseplate
5/7 Work on Baseplate
5/8- Finish Baseplate/ Begin Hanger
5/9- Work on Hanger
5/10 {Instructions Test} Today I finished the Deck, but I will return to it for the decal tutorial. I began the baseplate, and got about 3/10 finished. I just completed the top boss. I thought I would miss the period due to my doctor's appointment, but I made it back in time. I got further on the baseplate, almost finishing the fillets. I finished the Baseplate, and began the Hanger, getting a good start on it. I was lucky to get back from the Algebra I Exam before this class. Day 6: May 9, 2013 I got more work done on the Hanger, but the loft cut came out rather odd. I will keep it like that unless it causes a problem in the assembly Day 7: May 10, 2013 Mr. E assigned a test because he was "mad about not winning anything at the 'Teacher Appreciation Raffle'". Day 8: May 13, 2013 Week 3:
5/13- Finish Deck/ Complete Axle
5/14- Complete Kingpin, Bushing, Cone Bushing
5/15- {Absent}
5/16- Complete Pivot Bushing, Washer, Wheel (Part)
5/17- {Free day} I finished the Hanger, but it took me a while because SolidWorks crashed when I tried to do a fillet.
The axle was also completed, but anyone could do that in two minutes. The slightest difficulty I had was being unable to see the Cosmetic Threads. Day 9: May 14, 2013 I finished a lot of quick parts today, starting with the Kingpin. This part has been hinted to in the Baseplate and Hanger, but it is really simple. The Bushing was next, and it was also done within a matter of minutes. The Cone Bushing was done just as fast. Day 10: May 15, 2013 I was out today to get a medal for doing so well on the SAT. I was at New College to receive the medal. Day 11: May 16, 2013 I finished up the quick parts today. First was the Pivot Bushing which, admittedly looks a lot like a hat. The part was relatively easy. Next was the washer, the quickest part ever. It is only one page long. Day 12: May 20, 2013 Today, Mr. E put a time crunch on us that we have 12 days left. The first thing I got done was the Wheel Assembly. It doesn't take to long once you've done the wheel.
I began the truck, and almost
finished. Week 4:
5/20- Complete Wheel (Assembly)/ Begin Truck
5/21- Finish Truck/ Begin Board
5/22- Finish Board/ Begin Hardware
5/23- {Bomb Squad Robot
5/24- Finish Hardware/ Begin Deck Split Line Day 13: May 21, 2013 I began this day by wrapping up the Truck. After the Wheels, Washers, and Nuts we put into place, the truck was done. Then I started to put the whole thing together in the Board. The final mates are still to be made, but I am confident I will finish soon. Day 14: May 22, 2013 The Board doesn't take too long, as long as you have the first Truck in place. Then, all you do is mirror the Truck, and then make a few more mates. I also began the Hardware, which is just nuts and bolts put in different places. The Hardware Day 15: May 23, 2013 Today, the Police Deputy brought in the bomb squad robot, and showed off its amazing abilities. Day 16: May 24, 2013 I finished the Hardware tutorial, which wasn't as easy as I thought it would be. First, I forgot to make the hardware its own assembly, but I fixed it. Week 5:
5/28- Edit Exam Prezi Day 17: May 28, 2013 I continued on the pattern, but then realized that it was a waste of time. I am done now. Link Back to 7th Grade Prezi http://prezi.com/ele2osbctax0/haile-middle-school-engineering-7th-grade-bereiter-r/
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