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SCLY3 Mass Media lesson 5


Amanda Lane

on 17 September 2013

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Transcript of SCLY3 Mass Media lesson 5

SCLY 3 MASS MEDIA Semiotics: the tricks of the trade... Lesson Objective: To understand the concept of semiotics, how it works and why it is used. To apply knowledge in context to understand the wider social implications Pub Quiz! What are these images advertising? What do you notice about these adverts? What similarities are there? What do you notice about these adverts? TASK! Arrange into groups of boys and girls and complete the table! Females Males How are males and females represented? Semiotics Or 'Semiology' is the science of signs. It works on the notion that signs, symbols and images have a meaning which has been constructed by society. These meanings are influenced by SOCIAL FACTORS and can change over time For example..... The cigarette In the 1940's & 50's, smoking was regarded as highly socially acceptable. It was even marketed as a product that was associated with aristocracy. How has the view of cigarettes and smoking changed since the 40' and 50's? What has happened to change people's views? Discussion Connotation The socially constructed meaning that is ASSOCIATED with a sign, symbol or image. Denotation The LITERAL meaning of a sign, symbol or image What are the CONNOTATIVE and DENOTATIVE meanings of these signs? WINDY What do we base our connotative meanings on?
Which perspectives might be referred to here? A commonly held, preconceived assumption that categorises a particular group of people or situation. Stereotypes often carry a negative CONNOTATION which is usually inaccurate.
Stereotypes Connotation and advertising Suggestive imagery is used in advertising to 'appeal' to specific audiences Pointed, long and angled images are connotative as being masculine. Rounded, curvy, circular images are connotative as being feminine. Suggestive phallic imagery is used as a selling tool. Stereotypes as well as connotative meanings are used to sell products to specific audiences For example.. Stereotypes are also used for other social groups in terms of advertising and appealing to particular audiences Age Class Ethnicity Sexuality Disability What is being advertised?

How is the product being advertised?

Are there any stereotypes being portrayed? Which ones?

What are the hidden meanings/connotations?

Is it a positive or negative image?

What is the meaning that is coming across?

Task: Watch the video clips and answer the questions! Check your understanding! 1) What does connotation mean?
2) Give an example of a denotation
3) Which audience effect model can you apply to the study of semiology? Explain your answer
4) How would the Pluralist perspective describe the use of semiotics?
5) How do we know that connotations are socially constructed?
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