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Hero's Journey: Wreck-It-Ralph

No description

Maddi Roy

on 1 April 2013

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Transcript of Hero's Journey: Wreck-It-Ralph

Master of Two Worlds: One Game at a Time The Return: Retro The Road Back: Already Happy The Ordeal: The Battle with Turbo Ralph's enemies include King Candy, a seemingly nice and welcoming ruler of the game "Sugar Rush". He is an expert racer who lives in Candy Castle, and can control the codes of racers and characters in the game. King Candy goes after Ralph when he teams up with Vanellope, and tells him that he shouldn't let Vanellope race for her own good. Although King Candy seemed like an ally at that point in time, his dark side is revealed later in the story. Some of Ralph's other enemies are Fix-It-Felix Jr and the Nicelanders, in a way. If Felix had shared some of his glory with Ralph and the Nicelanders had treated him equally, Ralph wouldn't have gotten himself into this mess. "This angry little guy down here might be a lot happier if you put him up here with everybody else," (Wreck-It-Ralph - Wreck-It-Ralph, Walt Disney Pictures, 2012.). Other enemies are the other racers in Sugar Rush, because they might prevent Vanellope from winning the race. Ralph's allies include Vanellope Von Shweetz, a glitch who lives by herself in Diet Cola mountain in the game "Sugar Rush". She is hated and made fun of by all of the other racers because of her "Glitchlexia" (Vanellope Von Shweetz - Wreck-It-Ralph, Walt Disney Pictures, 2012.). Vanellope loves to race (even though she never has before), she says she knows she's a racer because she "can feel it in [her] code" (Vanellope Von Shweetz - Wreck-It-Ralph, Walt Disney Pictures, 2012.). Another one of Ralph's allies is Fix-It-Felix Jr, a well-mannered "good guy" from the game "Fix-It-Felix". Felix fixes the buildings that Ralph destroys with his magic hammer. He is adored by everyone around him. However, his game is in danger when Ralph leaves, so Felix has gone looking for him. Another one of Ralph's allies has come with Felix on the search, but she's not looking for Ralph. Calhoun, a no-nonsense sargeant from the game "Hero's Duty" has come with Felix to Sugar Rush to find and destroy the extremely dangerous cy-bug that Ralph accidentally brought with him when he was rocketed into Sugar Rush. A few of Ralph's other allies include the other bad guys in his arcade, and Sour Bill, King Candy's servant who tells Ralph everything he can remember about Vanellope and King Candy. Ralph's trials include helping Vanellope make her car in the factory, getting away from King Candy and his men, and teaching Vanellope how to drive. The most important one, however, came when King Candy told Ralph that "If Vanellope wins [the] race, she'll be added to the race roster, then gamers can choose her as their avatar... when they see her glitching, and twitching, and just being herself, they'll think [the] game is broken. [It'll] be put out of order for good. All [his] subjects will be homeless. But there's one who cannot escape because she's a glitch. When the game's plug is pulled, she'll die with it." (King Candy - Wreck-It-Ralph, Walt Disney Pictures, 2012.). When hearing this, Ralph had to make the choice to stop Vanellope from racing by destroying her car (which he thought was for her own good). This is a text-to text connection with the book Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows (J.K. Rowling, Scholastic, inc. 2007.) , in which it's revealed that while Harry thought that Proffesor Snape was working for Voldemort, he was really watching out for Harry. This is similar to this scene because the whole time, Ralph thought that King Candy was against Vanellope, but he was really protecting her (or at least that's what it seems like at this point...) Maddi Roy Hero's Journey: Wreck-It-Ralph Ordinary World : The Bad Guy Wreck-It-Ralph is the "bad guy" in the arcade game "Fix-It-Felix", in which his goal is to destroy a building in Niceland, and Fix-It-Felix Jr (the "good guy") fixes it. When the player wins the game, Fix-It-Felix and the Nicelanders stand on the roof of the building and throw Ralph off of it while Felix gets a medal. Ralph isn't a bad guy in real life, but everyone treats him like he is. He's always overshadowed by Fix-It-Felix, even though he's just as big a part of the game. Ralph lives in the dump behind the building. He tries to enjoy life, but can't shake the feeling of not being socially accepted or appreciated. Ralph goes to a bad-anon, in which he is comforted by the other bad guys in his arcade. When he reveals that he "[doesn't] want to be the bad guy anymore" (Wreck-It-Ralph - Wreck-It-Ralph, Walt Disney Pictures, 2012. TV recording.), they assure him he will be fine if he tells himself "I'm bad, and that's good. I will never be good, and that's not bad. There's no one I'd rather be than me." (Bad guys - Wreck-It-Ralph, Walt Disney Pictures, 2012.) When Ralph comes back from the Bad-anon, he sees fireworks and can tell that Felix and the Nicelanders are having a 30th anniversary party without him even though he’s a big part of the game. He goes up to Felix’s apartment to see if he can join the party, and Felix reluctantly lets him in. When the cake is brought out, Ralph is upset to see that everyone is on the top of the building shaped cake while he is standing in chocolate mud on the bottom. When he points it out to everyone, the building’s owner, Gene, tells Ralph he belongs on the bottom of the building because he’ll never be a hero or win a medal like Felix. Ralph is infuriated and declares, “All right, Gene, you know what? I'm gonna win a medal! Oh, I am gonna win a medal. The shiniest medal this place has ever seen. A medal that will be so good, that it'll make all of Felix's medals wet their pants!” (Wreck-It-Ralph - Wreck-It-Ralph, Walt Disney Pictures, 2012.) Call to Adventure: 30th Anniversary Party Discovering Resources: Markowski After Ralph snuck into Hero's Duty and got his medal, he accidentally tripped on a Cy-bug egg and fell into an escape pod. He was shot into the game "Sugar Rush", taking the Cy-bug with him. The crash flings Ralph's medal onto the top of a nearby tree, in which he meets Vanellope Von Schweetz. Vanellope has been banned from racing in her game because she is a glitch. The entrance fee for a race is one gold coin, so Vanellope steals Ralph's medal to use as a coin to be entered into the race. The only way to get the medal back is to win the race. Knowing that Ralph will do anything to get the medal back, Vanellope tells Ralph that if "[he] help[s] [her] get a cart - a REAL cart... [she'll] win the race and get [him] back [his] medal" (Wreck-It-Ralph, Walt Disney Pictures, 2012). When Ralph shakes Vanellope's hand to confirm the deal, it signifies that he can't go back now. This is a text-to-world connection becuase a handshake is a universal symbol for confirming a deal that you can't go back on. Crossing the Threshold: Deal With Vanellope Ralph tells his Bad-anon group that he's taking life "one game at a time" (Wreck-It-Ralph - Wreck-It-Ralph, Walt Disney Pictures, 2012.), which they are happy to hear. Ralph is now happy with his life as the bad guy, and he makes the most of it. This is a text-to-text connection with the movie "Brave" (Walt Disney Pictures, 2012.), becuase at the end of the movie, Merida has to go back to being a princess, which she hated before, but doesn't look at it the same way. In the end, Ralph figures out that "It turns out [he doesn't] need a medal to tell him he's a good guy, because if that little kid (Vanellope) likes [him], how bad can [he] be?" (Wreck-It-Ralph - Wreck-It-Ralph, Walt Disney Pictures, 2012.). Refusal of Call: Tapper's After leaving the 30th anniversary party, Ralph goes to the game “Tapper” to ask the bartender “where can a guy like [him] go and win a medal” (Wreck-It-Ralph, Walt Disney Pictures, 2012.).When the bartender responds “I don’t think such a game exists,”(Wreck-It-Ralph, Walt Disney Pictures, 2012.), Ralph nearly gives up hope. Even more so when he finds himself rummaging through the lost-and-found for a medal. This is a text to self connection becuase one time, I lost my phone at Lost Valley ski area. I kept looking for it in the lost and found even though I had already given up. While searching for a leftover medal in the lost-and-found at Tapper’s, a hysterical soldier (Markowski) from the game “Hero’s Duty” bumps into him. Markowski rants about how awful it is to have to be climbing buildings and fighting bugs every day, and all for just a medal. When he says this, Ralph is taken aback and asks “Is there any way I could go with you to your game and, you know, maybe get one of those medals?” (Wreck-It-Ralph, Walt Disney Pictures, 2012.) After telling Ralph that he can't because "only the bravest and the best serve in [his] corps", Markowski faints from the sight of a bug. Ralph then steals Markowski's uniform and stuffs him in a closet. Markowski has now provided Ralph with information about the game and an easy way to get into it. This is very similar to what happened in an episode of Family Guy (Seth MacFarlane, 1999) in which Peter is trying to find a way to get the pope to his house. The pope's driver tells Peter that he can be knocked out very easily, then knocks himself out. Peter takes the driver's uniform and pretends to be the driver, such as Ralph did with Markowski. Trials Allies Enemies The Approach: Back to the Game After wrecking Vanellope's car and getting his medal from King Candy, Ralph goes back to his game to show everyone his medal. This is the moment he's dreamed of, and he tries to push thoughts of Vanellope aside as he heads to Felix's penthouse. When he arrives, the penthouse is empty. Only Gene, the building's owner, is still there. He explains to Ralph that when both he and Felix left the game and never returned, "everyone panicked and abandoned ship." (Gene - Wreck-It-Ralph, Walt Disney Pictures, 2012.), and the game was out of order. The game would be shut down the next morning. Gene gives Ralph the key to the penthouse and leaves. When Ralph realizes that this is not what he wanted, it displays the theme "disillusionment and dreams", because when Ralph finally accomplished his goal, he found out that it wasn't what he thought it was.When he's looking out the window, Ralph sees Vanellope's picture on the side of Sugar Rush and gets curious as to why she's there is she's a glitch. Knowing something's not right, he goes back to Sugar Rush to find out what's going on. After questioning Sour Bill about why Vanellope is on the side of the game if she's not supposed to be in it, Ralph learns that "Vanellope was a racer until King Candy tried to delete her code" (Sour Bill - Wreck-It-Ralph, Walt Disney Pictures, 2012.), and that if she crosses the finish line, she won't be a glitch anymore. He then breaks Felix out of King Candy's dungeon, has him fix Vanellope's kart, and returns to Diet Cola mountain to help Vanellope win the race. Vanellope is in second place, right behind King Candy. When she passes him, he starts to fight with her and begins to glitch. It is soon revealed that he is really Turbo, a character from an old arcade game who game-jumped when he got jealous of other racing games. Meanwhile, the cy-bug that Ralph brought into the game with him has multiplied and is attacking citizens. Turbo is consumed by a cy-bug and is believed to be dead. Vanellope crashes her car and doesn't get a chance to cross the finish line, but Ralph insits on trying to get her out of the game. Still being a glitch, she can't escape. Ralph refuses to give up, so he goes to Diet Cola mountain to create a beacon of light that will attract and kill the cy-bugs. As he's about to destroy the mountain, Turbo comes back in a half man, half cy-bug form. He carries Ralph high into the air to watch Vanellope die, but Ralph sacrifices himself by jumping out of Turbo's hands and onto Diet Cola mountain to save Vanellope. This connects with the theme "love and sacrifice", because Ralph loves Vanellope so much that he was willing to die for her. Accomplishment of Goal: Saved the Game When Vanellope sees Ralph falling onto Diet Cola mountain, she glitches her way over to it and catches Ralph with her car as he's about to die. They escape the mountain as the broiling hot cola shoots into the air, drawing all of the cy-bugs into it. Being half man and half cy-bug, Turbo tries to escape his desire to go into the light but cannot. .This connects with the theme "illusion of power", becuase Turbo thought he had the ultimate advantage by being half cy-bug, but it really led to his downfall. Vanellope finally crosses the finish line and the game resets. But, to everyone's surprise, Vanellope doesn't stay the same. She is transformed into a princess. Everyone's memories are restored, and they all remember that she is their rightful ruler. When all of the racers who made fun of her try to apologize, Vanellope says that "anyone who was ever mean to [her] shall be executed." (Vanellope Von Schweetz - Wreck-It-Ralph, Walt Disney Pictures, 2012.) (jokingly, of course). Vanellope takes off her dress to reveal her glitch clothes and messy hair, and says "this is me." (Vanellope Von Schweetz - Wreck-It-Ralph, Walt Disney Pictures, 2012.) to Ralph. When Calhoun tells Ralph that "the arcade's about to open" (Calhoun - Wreck-It-Ralph, Walt Disney Pictures, 2012.) so they have to leave, Vanellope tries to convince Ralph to stay in Sugar Rush where "[he] could be happy" (Vanellope Von Schweetz - Wreck-It-Ralph, Walt Disney Pictures, 2012.), Ralph responds, "I'm already happy." (Wreck-It-Ralph - Wreck-It-Ralph, Walt Disney Pictures, 2012.), and decides to go back to his game. When Ralph returns to his old job, "the nicelanders are being nice to [him]" (Wreck-It-Ralph - Wreck-It-Ralph, Walt Disney Pictures, 2012.). A new bonus level is created with a whole bunch of "bad guys" who help Ralph destroy the building while Felix and Q-Bert fix it. The game is popular again, and "the gamers say [it's] 'retro', which ... means old but cool." (Wreck-It-Ralph - Wreck-It-Ralph, Walt Disney Pictures, 2012.). Protagonist recieves information or goes through experience that creates need, wish, or desire to leave "known" (The Hero's Jouney - Introduction and Overview, Kate Friesland, 2013.) "Normal" life for protagonist, usually outlines role in larger group (family, culture, society) (The Hero's Journey - Introduction and Overview, Kate Friesland, 2013.)

Individual rejects call, finds reason not to listen and remain in current circumstances (The Hero's Journey - Introduction and Overview, Kate Friesland, 2013.) 1 April 2013 Appearance of some sort of mentor, guide, or helper, provides antagonist with something that will aid them later un journey (The Hero's Journey - Introduction and Overview, Kate Friesland, 2013.) "Point of no return": once crossed, cannot return to previous life (The Hero's Journey - Introduction and Overview, Kate Friesland, 2013.) Events or situations that create conflict fpr the protagonist and require action to resolve (The Hero's Journey - Introduction and Overview, Kate Friesland, 2013.) Protagonist encounters others as quest progresses, may provide assistance, aid in journey (The Hero's Journey - Introduction and Overview, Kate Friesland, 2013. Protagonist encounters others as quest progresses, may create conflict, attempt to stop or slow protagonist (The Hero's Journey - Introduction and Overview, Kate Friesland, 2013.) What individual wishes to achieve is finally in sight (The Hero's Journey - Introduction and Overview, Kate Friesland, 2013.) "Final battle": success or failure of quest depends on outcome (The Hero's Journey - Introduction and Overview, Kate Friesland, 2013.) Ordeal results in success; individual attains goal and fulfills quest (The Hero's Journey - Introduction and Overview, Kate Friesland, 2013.) Individual undertakes journey back to previous life (The Hero's Journey - Introduction and Overview, Kate Friesland, 2013.) Individual crosses threshold again, returning to original world with reward, skills, knowledge gained through quest (The Hero's Journey - Introduction and Overview, Kate Friesland, 2013.) Individual learns to integrate changed self into former life while keeping wisdom gained through quest (The Hero's Journey - Introduction and Overview, Kate Friesland, 2013.)
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