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AP World Ancient Egypt

No description

Yudi Liu

on 27 September 2012

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Transcript of AP World Ancient Egypt

Ancient Egypt Old Kingdom Middle Kingdom New Kingdom "Pyramid Age"
Known as the "Golden Age of Ancient Egypt
- Egyptian literature
-Pyramid text
-Longest period of political stability that ancient Egypt has ever known.
- Agricultural state
- Build Boats
-Women share the same rights economically as men.
- They used prostheses for mummification.
-Trades along the Nile River Lighthouse
Golden age Culturally (literature and art)
The Book of Dead
Built warehouses to store grains
Extended Egypt thought Syria and Nubia (gold)
Discovered papyrus
seven symbol decimal system and a place system By: Yudi, Stephanee, Mary, & Caitlin Technology:
-Imhotep {known in Egypt as a god of architects. He designed pyramids (built completely out of rocks)}
Bronze weapon
-Invented the 365 day calendar and divided a day to 24 hours. "Age of Conquest"
Conquered territory from Syria- Palestine and Nubia
Age of Builders
female pharaoh: Hapshetsut
Unified Country
Social Structure:
Pharaoh, Nobles, Working Class (soldiers & builders)
traded with Europe, by ship
thrived due to abundant resources
Technology & Art
glass vessels, colored paintings
2 wheel chariot Hykso
-developed professional armies.
-introduced war chariots
-compound laws
-improved battle axes The Perfect Empire
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