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Career Shadowing

No description

bay caruthers

on 28 April 2010

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Transcript of Career Shadowing

Career Shadowing By Bailey Caruthers Mrs. Cathy Hall works at Lamar Outdoor Advertising. She is a Sales rep. Lamar Outdoor Advertising is a company that sells billboards. What is the average salary for this job title? Starting salary is $50,000. The next job title to promote to is sales manger. http://www.lamar.com/main/default.cfm
What type of tecnology does this job need? Computer, Email, Phone (Blackberry) are the regularly used tecnology. She mainly uses business to business but some face to face. How many hours do you need to work for this job? 40-60 hours a week What are some employablity skills that are used? You need to dress professionally, give prestintations on resent projects, know the facts about the project, know the perposal or product facts. Some of the main things my mentor does on a daily basis? Drive to the client's place of business, make apontments, make and present presintation, builds contracts, maintain client relationships, oversee the account, make sure everythings in order. These are the main jobs my mentor does daily.
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