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Department of Justice

No description

Giselle Mondragon

on 14 March 2013

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Transcript of Department of Justice

The Department of Justice What Does the Department of Justice Mainly Deal With? The Department of Justice mainly ensures that
laws passed by the legislative branch are properly upheld, while also considering the Judicial reviews of the Supreme Court and other aspects of Federal laws. It also works to deal with crimes at a Federal
level of government, often dealing with those
involving multiple states or acts of violence
against the nation as a whole. What Other Roles Does It Play? As dictated by the official mission statement
of the United States Department of Justice, this department exists to:

Who Works For the Department of Justice? The Department of Justice is headed by the U.S Attorney General, who is the chief law
enforcement officer of the U.S. and is appointed by the President as part of his/her Cabinet. Within the Department are different offices and groups including the following:

What is the Department of Justice Divided Into? The Department of Justice is also divided into six
different specialized divisions. They are:

Other Interesting Facts on the Department of Justice!!! In this department there are approximately 30,000 people working here.

Written By:
Giselle Mondragon
Alycia Desmond History About the Department of Justice On February 19, 1868, Congressman William Lawrence introduced a bill to Congress to create the Department of Justice. This first bill, however, was unsuccessful due to impeachment of Andrew Johnson. The first ever Attorney General was Edmund Jennings Randolph. Years later, President Ulysses S. Grant signed the bill into a law on June 22, 1870. This department was established again on July 1, 1870. The current Attorney General is Eric Holder. The current Deputy Attorney General is James M. Cole. The people who work in this department earn approximately $21.7 billion each year. The Anti-Trust Division The Civil Division The Civil Rights Division
The Criminal Division The Environment and Natural Division The Tax Division Federal Bureau of Investigation Drug Enforcement Administration Bureau of Prisons U.S. Federal Marshals U.S. Parole Commission enforce the law and defend interests of the United States according to the law. ensure private safety against threats foreign and domestic. ensure fair and impartial administration of justice for all Americans.
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