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big hero 6 trailer analysis

No description

rylee martinsen

on 19 March 2015

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Transcript of big hero 6 trailer analysis

Screen shot 2.
screen shot 3.
screenshot 4
USP (unique selling point)
Because big hero 6 is produced by Disney, and Disney has made some very, very good animations through the years, all audiences will expect any other newly made Disney animation to be spectacular and they always are. This is Big Hero 6’s unique selling point.
4 Other films that are the same genre as Big Hero 6
1: How to Train Your Dragon
2: Wreck-it-Ralph
3: Tangled
4: Monsters vs Aliens

These movies fit into the same genre as 'big hero 6'
basic plot
Big hero six is a action-packed animation, comedy adventure about a plus-sized, huggable, inflatable robot and his bond with scientific genius, 14 year old, Hiro Hamada. When a event of horrible things befalls on the city of San Fransokyo. It throws Hiro into danger, he goes to Baymax and his close friends, adrenaline seeker Go-Go, Neat freak, Wasabi, Chemisty whiz, Honey lemon and Fanboy Fred. Hiro transforms his friends into a band of high-technological heroes called “big hero 6”.
Big Hero 6 trailer analysis

Target audience
Big hero 6’s target audience is from ages approximately 5 and up. It is suitable for small kids because it doesn't have any extremely violent scenes or inappropriate messages.
however, it will make you cry.
Big Hero 6 is PG (parental guidance required for ages under 13)
Screen shot 1.
In this picture the animators have
set the scene as a mix of Tokyo and
San Francisco. as San Francisco has
steep hills and tall buildings and Japan has japanese styled building roofs. The animator has combined these two different settings to set the location of the movie. the bridge in the background also sets the location as San Fransisco but with Tokyo mixed in. Japan also has all the flashing lights and high tech. lots of futuristic technology is used by Hiro in this film.
This image shows the viewer that this character is most likely the bad guy of the film. Almost all Disney movies will have a bad guy. The way his arms are positioned makes him look like he has lots of power and he will unleash it on whoever gets in his way, which in this case is, Hiro Hamada. the colour in this shot are blacks, black normally tells the audience that there is danger, evil and power. This shows the viewer that this trailer has action. as mentioned earlier.
This picture shows the comedy in the trailer. When Baymax has popped holes in himself, he uses stickytape to fix it while the police man is trying to make sense of Hiro's unbelievable statement about the guy in the Kabuki mask, but wont believe him and thinks he is crazy.
This image shows the superhero sub-genre of the film. This is when Baymax has just been upgraded to fight against Kabuki guy, and Hiro is teaching Baymax how to fly. In other superhero movies, almost all the superheros can fly.
Screenshot 5
This image also shows the action part of the general genre. This is a car chase scene where Kabuki man with his army of microbots chase the 6 friends in a car driven by Wasabi. This scene would've the viewer sitting on the edge of their seat.
General genres
Big Hero 6's main genres are
Big Hero 6 has some sub genres:
in this film, the main character is an asian. asian are normally shown as intelligent individuals. the character Fred, is shown as a laid back, couldnt care less, beach bum. but he likes dressing up in weird costumes and he is an ultimate fanboy. The character Wasabi, is shown as a dark skinned neat freak.
Stereotypes that exist are:
Teenage boys that don't care about rules
Smart young adults
Blondes are jumpy, crazy and phone obsessed.
Film directors:
Chris Williams
Don Hall
Studio, Rating & Budget
Walt Disney Animation Studios
89% 4.5 stars 8/10
165 Million $'s
Box office totals & release date
Domestic: $221,460,265
Foreign: $383,500,000
It was released on
November 7th 2014
Thanks for viewing this trailer analysis on Big hero 6!!


Films that Chris Williams and Don Hall have produced.
Chris Williams:
Bolt- bolt has made over $300 million since 2008-2011
Glago's guest

Films that Don Hall produced
The Princess and the frog- made over $250 million
Meet the Robinsons-made over $150 million
Co-directed Winnie the pooh-made over $30 million
A few Actors in Big hero 6
Ryan Potter (hiro)-also casted in Senior project
Jamie Chung (Go Go)-also casted in Princess Protection program, Hangover part 1,2,3, sucker punch and dragonball
Daniel Henney (tadashi)-also casted in X-men Wolverine, the spy and One night surprise.
Big Hero 6 is disney animations 54th production.
Don Hall has worked for Disney animation since 1995
The Big Hero 6 animation team reached 103 members, roughly 15 more animators than 2013’s Frozen.
Other Interesting facts
Big Hero 6 is the first feature to employ Hyperion, Disney’s new global-illumination rendering system that allows animators to project, reflect and refract light, create realistic shadows, and show varying levels of light/dark contrast for objects and characters.
Disney’s proprietary system denizen allowed filmmakers to create bigger, more believable crowds for Big Hero 6. crowds were created using 670 unique characters (compared to 270 in Frozen, 185 in Wreck-It Ralph and 80 in Tangled), and the “Port of San Fransokyo” scene alone has over 6,000 characters in it. The city’s 23 districts were all built in 3D, comprised of 83,149 separate lots and including 18.8 million building parts, 215,000 streetlights, and 260,000 gorgeous illuminated trees.
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