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cool science:space

No description

Alex sanchez

on 12 March 2015

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Transcript of cool science:space

We live on a planet called Earth. Earth is not the only planet. In fact there are thousands of billions of planets. So far there is no discovered planet that has living beings...yet. There are 8 planets in the solar system (and one sun).
And if you were wondering, there is more than one solar system and again there are more than thousands of billions of solar systems. And all of the solar systems are all in a huge galaxy. The galaxy we are in is called the milky way.
Black hole
Fun fact: there is possibly a black hole in the center of our galaxy. Black holes consume everything that is surrounding it even
Next, is the universe. And again there are thousands of billions of trillions of galaxies and there is actually a lot of space between the galaxies.
fun fact :
Our milky way is expected to collide with another galaxy soon (thousands of years soon).
The universe
Milky way
Some scientists have predicted that there is more than one universe
scientists also predicted that since there is an infinite amount of universes there has to be another you and another
Barack Obama and another everyone.
I personally think they went over there head a bit at that part.
scientists predicted that there is more than one universe.
Thanks for watching!
Look for hidden space words along the prezi.
for example
Solar system
The Terrestrial, or “rocky” planets in our solar system orbit relatively close to the Sun. This gives them their other name; the “Inner Planets”. There are four terrestrial planets: Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars. They are made mostly of silicate rocks and metals, have solid surfaces, with atmospheres that range from very thick (on Venus) to very thin (on Mercury).

The outer planets,or giant planets as some may call them, are the planets beyond the inner planets
Did you know that there is so much more than just our earth. There are other planets,other solar system's,other galaxy's,and even other possible universes. Keep on going to find out more.
solar system
space chart
A song about the universe
click here

You don't have to watch this but you cold get a lot of info out of this.
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