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Ivy Planners - Outreach

Tips on Getting into Your Dream School

Sonny Nguyen

on 26 April 2013

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Transcript of Ivy Planners - Outreach

How To Get Into Selective Universities Tips on Getting into Your Dream School What was the acceptance rate
at Harvard for the Class of 2015
(2011 HS graduates)? 6.2% About 2,000 students
were accepted out of
35,000 applicants! Get good grades This is all common knowledge We're here to give you uncommon knowledge Setting the Stage The Application Choosing the Right School Academics: IVP Tip Fact: You should pursue your interests. Extracurriculars: IVP Tip Fact: You should only participate in activities you are passionate about.
You can communicate that passion in the admissions process. People go to college.
Numbers don’t. Fact: Colleges are looking for all types of students
Active involvement is vital Extracurriculars: IVP Tip Tests: IVP Tip Tests: IVP Tip Fact: These are two different tests. Tests: IVP Tip Myth: AP exams and SAT Subject Tests aren’t as important as the SAT/ACT. VERY Important
Counselor + Teachers
Additional Letter
School Stipulations What you've heard Participate in extracurricular activities Be sure to get a job and volunteer during the summer Myth: I should take
AP “Boring” instead of an interesting, but unweighted class. Myth: I should join as many extracurricular activities as possible and have 1,000 community service hours. Myth: I have to be the president of NHS to appear desirable. Myth: I should retake the SAT/ACT until I am happy with my score. Myth: If I do poorly on the SAT, I will also do poorly on the ACT. Fact: These tests shows that you have challenged yourself.
SAT Subject Tests: 2-3 strongest
AP: College credit. Accept the credit! Letters of Recommendation People go to college.
Numbers don’t. Main Essay Allows the school to see who you are as a person
The main essay can be about anything!
Develop a defining thread to stand out Prompt: Why do you want to apply to this school?

Schools can tell when you know nothing about them Save essays from your classes Picture property of Chris Wildt: http://www.cartoonstock.com/directory/e/essay_grades.asp Defining Thread The defining thread is supported by every aspect of your application
Particularly your resume and essays Public Policy Student Member of Debate Team
Active in school government
Intern at local politician's office
Spearheaded local grassroots movement Essays: IVP Tip Defining Thread: IVP Tip Myth: I should put a positive spin on everything. Fact: Describing your setbacks and how you overcame them is more powerful. Essay: IVP Tip Myth: I need to be as formal as possible in the interview. Just be yourself. The college interview is more of a conversation. Interview: IVP Tip Wrap Up Myth: I should apply to as many schools as possible. Fact: The college applications process takes both time and money.

It is better to have a smaller number of strong applications. Choosing: IVP Tip Myth: I should apply to only Harvard, Yale, Princeton, and Rice. Fact: You need to have a range of schools: safeties, matches, and reaches. Choosing: IVP Tip Myth: I should apply only to Ivy League schools Fact: Prestige does not necessarily equal happiness. Choosing: IVP Tip Research the School Visit. Schools keep track of students' demonstrated interest Location
Culture /Atmosphere
Academic Programs
Extracurriculars Factors Financial Aid Search for scholarships and apply (QuestBridge and Gates Millennium Scholarship)

Don’t ignore small scholarships

CSS Profile and FAFSA for FINANCIAL AID Myth: It is cheaper to go to a public school compared to a private school. Fact: Private schools have larger endowments. Financial Aid: IVP Tip Myth: If I am waitlisted, I have no chance of getting in. Fact: You should contact admissions to reiterate interest + update them. Application: IVP Tip Resume example Poor Description Spanish Club President
Had weekly meetings with members
Planned cultural events
Fundraised for cultural outings
Competed in regional language competitions
Had correspondences with other Spanish students Strong Description Spanish Club President
Developed agenda and led meetings of 20+ members covering everything from finances to club strategy
Tripled membership through innovative advertising and outreach methods
Hosted Spanish food exhibition with 10 vendors
Raised $1,000 to support local charities and outings
Led team to victories in Spanish competitions
Developed relationships with schools to promote Spanish and idea exchange The bottom line The college application process starts NOW

People go to college. Numbers don’t. Good Luck! We’re here to help. Act on your passion
It's OK to be quirky Defining Feature: IVP Tip For optional interviews, schools keep track of students' demonstrated interest Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.
- Albert Einstein Class of 2014 (2010 HS graduates)
Ivy League Acceptance Rates Steady Decrease since 2003 Selective School Acceptance Rates If you plan smartly, you can increase your chances significantly Comic property of Jim Borgman (Cincinnati Enquirer) : http://borgman.enquirer.com/ Why is there a decrease in acceptance rates? More People are Applying to Selective Colleges Richard Vedder, director for the Center for College Affordability and professor of economics at Ohio U:

College is cheaper for low-middle income families due to generous financial aid
Just having a college degree does not cut it anymore in the increasingly competitive workforce
The same number of students are attending prestigious schools, however population and income have increased Why are there more applicants to selective schools? Future Bioengineering Student Senior Student AP Calculus
AP Biology
AP Physics C
AP English
AP Government
AP Economics What to take for 7th period? AP Environemental Science vs. Business Management I Student who got scores of
SAT: 2140
ACT: 36 Example: "How Clifford the Small Black Dog Changed My Life" Example: "Why Manga is My Life" Argument with Parent Example: Reaches: Harvard, Stanford
Matches: UCLA, USC, Rice
Safeties: UT, UH Example (top 9% student): Visit
www.ivyplanners.com/outreach.html Of the following, what is the most important determinant in admissions?

A. Extracurricular activities
B. Standardized test scores
C. Teacher and counselor recommendations
D. High school transcript D. High school transcript What is the difference between Early Decision (ED) and Early Action (EA) admissions programs?

A. ED is binding and EA is non-binding
B. ED is non binding and EA is binding
C. ED only allows for only application, EA allows for multiple applications
D. ED allows for multiple applications, EA allows for only one application A. ED is binding and EA is non-binding
C. ED only allows for only application, EA allows for multiple applications The FAFSA, or Free Application for Federal Student Aid, calculates the EFC for a family for financial aid. What does EFC stand for?

A. Expected Financial Contribution
B. Expected Family Consumption
C. Expected Family Contribution
D. Expected Financial Consumption C. Expected Family Contribution Which college/university is the most expensive in the United States according to Forbes Magazine in 2010?

A. Columbia University
B. Harvard University
C. Sarah Lawrence University
D. Bard College C. Sarah Lawrence University Which Texas school was featured in USA Today’s “Best Value” school in 2010?

A. Rice University
B. University of Texas at Austin
C. Trinity University
D. Southern Methodist University A. Rice University According to The Princeton Review, which school’s professors are the best teachers?

A. Reed College
B. Yale University
C. Boston University
D. Cornell University A. Reed College Which college was rated the “happiest” according to The Daily Beast in 2010?

A. Brown University
B. University of Texas - Austin
C. University of Hawaii
D. Claremont McKenna College D. Claremont
College What is the “most stressful college” in America according to The Daily Beast in 2011?

A. Harvard University
B. Columbia University
C. University of Chicago
D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) B. Columbia University What college/university was ranked the top party school in 2011 according to The Princeton Review?

A. University of Colorado-Boulder
B. Brigham Young University
C. University of Georgia
D. University of Texas - Austin C. University of Georgia
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