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Resources From the Ocean

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Signe Johnson

on 29 May 2013

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Transcript of Resources From the Ocean

Chapter 14 Section 4: Resources From the Ocean How are are oceans an important source of food? Magnesium is a strong, light metal obtained from the seawater. Gravel and Sand are mined for use in building construction. In some world, diamond and gold are mined from the sand deposits Why do to the world's ocean need to be protected? Oceans provide thousands of different species of fish that in turn serve as valuable food sources for humans and animals of all kinds. One example is through the fish harvested off the costs of the continents all over the world. Fish harvesting By: Christina, Weston, and Signe 5 additional products that may contain ingredients from the ocean that are found in your house: Cake mixes
Ice cream
Yogurt The remains of dead marine organisms sink to the bottom of the ocean where they get buried by sediments, and over thousands of years, the remains transform into OIL and NATURAL GAS. Is it from the Ocean? Instructions: 3 slides will be shown of two common house hold objects, it is then a volunteers job to guess which product contains chemicals or ingredients from the oceans. *Be sure to raise your hand in order to be called on* Discover activity Ben & Jerry's Cherry Garcia Ice Cream Ben and Jerry's! Cherry Garcia, along with many other Ice Creams known to man contain the chemical Carrgeenan, which comes from Seaweed. Fisheries, if used correctly and wisely, naturally "renew" each year. This is when new fish are born, that take the places of fish that were caught. However, this can only be achieved if the fishery is not over fished. Through out history over fishing has become an issue as better technology allows crew members to catch a larger amount of fish at a time. The faster the fish are being caught, the less time they are able to reproduce, decreasing the number of offspring and leading to the depletion of fisheries all over the world. Aquaculture While fish stocks decrease, the farming of organisms from salt and fresh water, known as Aquaculture, is expected to become more popular in the coming years. The process requires making an environment for organisms that controls nutrient levels, water temperatures, light, as well as other factors that assist the fish and wildlife to thrive in their new environments. This form of harvesting fish gives landlocked areas a chance to produce seafood, such as salmon being raised in fields in Nebraska. Pollution Some pollution is caused naturally by weather when too much rain leads to a "surge" of fresh water enters the ocean. This lowers the salinity and can cause animals to die instead of adjust to the change in water. However, the majority of pollution in the ocean is due to humans, as sewage, chemicals and trash dumped into the Earths waters. Mineral Resources Minerals also serve as valuable products from the Oceans. For an example, when fresh water is taken from ocean waters, whats left behind is valuable salts. Secondly, the ocean floor is a great source of non-living resources. Sand and gravel are mined for construction while diamonds and gold are retrieved from sand deposits. Lastly, metals concentrate around shells, which causes them to form into Nodules. However, they are difficult to retrieve from 5,000 meters under water even with the technology of the twenty first century. Revitalizing eye cream Eye Cream Revitalizing Eye Creams often times not only includes Algenic Acid but also Carrageenan. OR Newman's Ranch Dressing OR Oreo's The ocean needs to be protected from dangerous oil spills, trash dumps, and chemicals released into the water because they all threaten the wildlife calling the oceans home. To add, many of our food sources come from the ocean and when pollution is released it negatively effects the fishing market and the jobs involved in the process. OR Toothpaste Petri Dish Petri Dish Agar is a common ingredient in Petri dishes because it doesn't show as a Bactria. Questions In what ways are fisheries affected by over fishing? What is one non-living resource found in the ocean? Europeans were amazed at the amount of codfish living off the eastern coast. The swarms fish often slowed their boats as they sailed north. The fishery, stretching from Newfoundland to Cape cod seemed to be a never ending supply of "King Cod" for nearly 400 years, which aided in the fishing industry. However, in the early 1900's the cod supply began to run low, forcing crew to work harder to catch the fish. Soon it became clear that the cod were disappearing. The overfishing of King cod lead the the closing of the fishery in 1992 by the Canadian Government. Result of overfishing W C S W S W S C C W W S S C C S W C (Review) Conclusion All in all, the Ocean provides humans and other living organisms with many different sources of food that need to be protected and taken care of.
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