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Copy of The Prairie Dog: Food Web and Food Chain Project

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Debbie Anderson

on 12 December 2013

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Transcript of Copy of The Prairie Dog: Food Web and Food Chain Project

Prairie Dog and its Ecosystem
By: Julian Lee and Rosa Mazza-Hilway
The higher in the food web the more the consumers have to eat to get the same amount of energy as the producer. Only about 10% of the energy is gained.
There are multiple
ways to get food. You have herbivores that only eat plants and carnivores that only eat meat.
Prey are animals hunted for food usually by carnivorous animals. Prairie Dogs are hunted by wolves, badgers, and snakes.
First order consumers eat plants to get their energy and then get eaten by bigger animals. Prairie Dogs are considered this.
Producers make their own food through photosynthesis and then get eaten by consumers. Prairie grass is a producer.
Consumers eat the first order consumers to get their energy and the cycle continues. Wolves, eagles, and badgers are consumers.
An ecosystem is formed by the
interaction of a
community of organisms
in their environment.
These factors can easily
influence each other
and are crucial to
an ecosystem
In an ecosystem their
are both abiotic and biotic
factors along with
the interactions between
these groups.
Abiotic- climate, minerals, rocks.
Biotic- plants, animals, soil.
Food Web of a Prairie
Prairie Flowers
Prairie Grass
Prairie Dog
The producers in this food web are
the prairie grass and flowers. They
get eaten by the herbivores.In this
case, they are the buffalo and
prairie dog. Then the carnivores, the
eagle and coyote, eat the buffaloes, mink
and prairie dogs. The bacteria eats
everything, including the plants, after
they have died.
Some animals are omnivores and they eat plants and animals. Decomposers break down any decaying matter.
Food Chain
The difference between a
food chain and a food web,
is a food chain is a less complex
way of showing how energy
is passed in an ecosystem.
Prairie Grass
Prairie Dog
In this food chain, the prairie
dog eats the prairie grass, then
the mink eats the prairie dog.
The top consumer, the coyote,
eats the mink.
Without the food web and the
food chain, the whole ecosystem
would collapse. Energy could not
be passed from organism to
organism. Food webs and chains are
essential to the environment.
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