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GT Share IT

GT Share IT

Max Beg

on 5 December 2012

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Transcript of GT Share IT

Agenda Team Introduction Project Mission Team Introductions Max Beg Ruphen Mistry Dominique Bidet Michael Paletta Markus Klein Talent Academy GT Share IT Agenda Team Introduction Project Mission Team Introductions Max Beg Ruphen Mistry Dominique Bidet Michael Paletta Markus Klein About CSR GT Share IT concept Project Approach Collaboration Prototype Demonstration Integration Financials and Legal Success Metrics Feedback Questions and Answers Corporate and Social Responsibility Project Mission "Provide well deserved IT expertise to the community to improve the reputation of DB and the banking industry" GT Share IT Concept Project Approach Collaboration Prototype Demonstration GT ShareIT Integration - How GT Share IT can be integrated into CSR? Financials / Legal and Metrics Feedback - Feedback from people about the project Closing Comments Q and A How the GTShareIT portal would look? Michael Paletta Max Beg Ruphen Mistry Dominique Bidet Markus Klein When we came together as TA project team, the topic was quickly found by the following criteria: - It should have a social aspect!
- What skills are available?
- It is to be offered globally
- To help social institutions
- After the financial crisis will create trust to our costumer and in general on the population.
- Want to present our company as a socially committed company that perceives responsibility as one of the largest financial service providers The idea was born, we would provide a charitable internet portal with the aim of providing IT know-how to social institutions by voluntary GT colleagues Needed skills - Description of the organization
- What particular IT skills are needed
- Why do you need our support
- Give feedback Available skills - Are you interested in volunteering?
- Why do you want to help
- How many time you can spend?
- How can you contribute yourself?
- What are your skills? The first steps from an idea to develop the portal up to a mockup with the requirements „keep it simple and intuitive” Use case Wireframe Mockup What are peoples opinions on GTShareIT? Andreas Markitanis Mamunoor Roshid Shariq Manji Theodosios Andreou About CSR Deutsche Bank is fully committed to CSR
CSR is represented globally
There are many events organized
The events helps a lot of people and organizations Situation Today There is a big gap in supply of IT in social institutions
CSR has limited resources and infrastructure
There is no IT expertise in this area How can this be changed? By a permanent internet/intranet portal
Hosted internal or by external volunteer organization
That offers IT expertise by volunteers of GT Organization
Implemented globally on all Deutsche Bank locations
Operated and supported by internal DB volunteers
Partially supported by CSR Who are CSR? What do they do? Why are they significant? "Deutsche Bank regards Corporate Social Responsibility as an investment in society and its own future" CSR is defined by 3 core beliefs: targeted & focused activities help to create socially responsible business behaviour which in turn facilitate ongoing business success CSR investment in 2011..... € ............€83m Improving English exam performance through Playing Shakespeare with Deutsche Bank Homeless individuals benefiting from StreetSmart Art at work Motivating students through debating with Debate Mate. Providing finance to generate social and financial returns via our Impact Investment Fund. CoordinationTeam IT Support
Team Communications
Team GTShareIT
Volunteer based 3 Involve DB IT volunteer from day 1 for the setup and for the follow-up Straight forward approach to setup the GT Share IT Portal: 1 Simple Infrastructure based on a dweb/Tomcat and a database using DB product and hosting. 2 State of the art DB web appearance involving DB partner (e.g. “Zeros Ones”) Cost estimate DWEB site hosting : €4600 annual RTB Database hosting €4380 annual RTB Portal development : €8000 one-off CTB Portal / database setup and maintenance : volunteer based 1st yr cost : €17000 2+ yr costs : €9000 - Ideally any request should match to a predefine catalog with pre approved quick win and according condition of mission.
- Scope of mission and evaluation of success must be clear on both sides.
- Mission with social organization should never exceed a duration of 2 days.
- Mission should happen out of any context of competition with any IT service provider.
- Every mission should be pre approved by CSC/legal/Marketing.
- Each mission must be contractual between social organization and DB.
- Above rule are not applicable for an IT presentation for CSC (DB internal project). "It is increasingly important in today’s society for Bankers and those that work in Financial Services to take a Leadership role when contributing to charitable causes. These causes, particularly in the current economic climate are in desperate need of ongoing contributions and commitment. The GT ShareIT initiative seeks to advance to these causes the great experience, work, knowledge and energy that is in abundance in GT. By applying the skills that we have in GT to those in most need, we will not only be giving something substantial back to the community but also advancing the technological capability of many worthwhile causes"
Paul Turrell, MD, GT COO Scope and Limitation of GT Share Mission
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