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The Byrne Group Listing Presentation

No description

Kevin Byrne

on 5 March 2013

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Transcript of The Byrne Group Listing Presentation

Being a part of RE/MAX and
RE/MAX Alliance 1. Higher Efficiency & Sales Probability Guaranteed Results Being a part of RE/MAX and RE/MAX Alliance gives us a strategic advantage over all others in terms of resources, networking, exposure, and of course name recognition. RE/MAX is the #1 real estate agency in the WORLD! The Byrne Group At The Byrne Group we believe our character in dealing with our clients is more important than our outstanding track record. From our first contact with potential clients, we assume we will be serving their real estate needs for their entire lives. We have taken this approach for over 20 years in serving our clients in the Front Range. Our business is built on the principles of integrity, honesty and dedication on being our clients’ trusted real estate adviser. As one of the leading real estate teams in the Front Range, we offer our clients a wide range of experience and knowledge to help guide them forward in their lives. The number potential buyers from the INDIVIDUAL AGENT. On average, the independent agent has less resources and reach, resulting in less exposure which leads to fewer buyers viewing your home at any given time. Fewer potential buyers means less probability of your home being sold. Fewer homes sold in their past means less experience going forward to YOUR future.

Less experience = Less negotiation skills = Less money for you! The number potential buyers from THE SMALL BROKERAGE 1. No international exposure.
2. No relocation department for buyer leads.
3. Limited resources in terms of technology, tools, networking, marketing materials, and administrative support.

Less resources = Less exposure
Less exposure = Fewer buyers
Fewer buyers = Fewer homes sold
Fewer homes sold = Less experience
The rest is self explanatory... RE/MAX &
RE/MAX Alliance buyer difference! Yes, it's that big of a difference! ...to an elephant fight. More Buyers = More $$$ No Company,
No Agency,
No Agent,
will get you more exposure
to buyers...guaranteed!!! is like bringing a mouse... How do we do this you ask? PROSPECTING! Which brings us to... RESULTS!! Through our various methods of prospecting, we generate on average, 800 more buyer leads over the coarse of 8 weeks. More buyer leads equals more exposure to qualified Buyers for you! The Lone Wolf The lone agent does the following things to market your home: 1. List your home on the MLS.
2. Take some low quality photos.
3. Create a generic brochure.
4. Put a sign outside your home.
5. Hope it sells... The Small Pack agency The small pack uses similar tactics with the addition of a few more resources utilizing a small network of low producing agents with less experience.
Less marketing = less exposure = longer time on the market = less $$$ for you. RUNNING WITH THE BIG DOGS! NETWORKING


EXPOSURE With a network of 850 RE/MAX Alliance agents and 2606 REMAX agents state wide and over 100,000 RE/MAX agents world wide, your listing gets more exposure through our resources allowing millions of people around the world to view your listing at any given time. With our extensive marketing methods, we guarantee the most exposure possible for your home.
The following are key steps in The Byrne Group Listing Plan of Action: 1. List your home on both Metrolist and IRES MLS systems along with Listings Magic which syndicate out to Zillow, Trullia, Front Door, Hotpads, Craigslist and more!

2. Take professional high quality photos of your home.

3. Set up a sign outside your home with a 1-800 number and personalized QR code.

4. Custom high quality brochures highlighting your homes best features both interior and exterior.

5. Promote your listing on Realtor.com, HomesinColorado, and RE/MAX.com exposing your listing throughout the state of Colorado and the world.

6. Send out promotional Feature emails to the top 50 agents highlighting your new listing using Constant Contacts.

7. Social Network features on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+

8. List your home on Centralized Showings.

9. Prospect for buyers using our numerous methods. The capabilities and limitations of a
SMALL BROKERAGE: 3. HIGHER SALE PRICES Going with ANYONE ELSE... The variety of marketing methods and tools we use from Featured Home email bursts to top agents, getting your home onto multiple MLS systems, news papers, internationally viewed websites, and easy to access information through 1-800 numbers and QR codes creates more opportunities for Buyers and Buyer agents to view your home, creating a higher probability for your home to be sold. 20% Faster sale on average 5.2% More money
(That could mean tens of thousands of $$$ for you!!) 35 % Higher probability of selling Only ONE thing
left to do! List your house and get it sold!! Contact us and visit us at our website.
W: www.thebyrnegroup.com E: kevin@thebyrnegroup.com P: 303-543-3078 2. Quicker sales
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