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Life As We Knew It by Susan Pffier

No description

will stoner

on 24 October 2015

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Transcript of Life As We Knew It by Susan Pffier

Life As We Knew It by Susan Pfeffer
Attention Grabber
Have you ever wanted to read a book about the apocalypse? If so, then Life As We Knew It is the book for you.
The author of this book is Susan Pfeffer. She is the author of numerous young adult books and she is very skilled.
The setting of this book is present day Pennsylvania
Miranda: Protagonist
Miranda is a 16 year old girl that is obsessed with ice skating. Her parents are divorced.
There are no antagonists.
The point of view is from Miranda's perspective. pg 28 "Sometimes I want to strangle her."
This story is about the apocalypse. Scientists start to predict that a meteor will crash into the moon and no one believes it. Until it happens. Once the moon is pushed closer to the earth, all the coastal areas are completely wiped out. Also ash from volcanoes is spreading across the world and blocking the sun. All of a sudden the stores are sold out and everyone is preparing for the end of the world. Will Miranda and her family make it? Read the book to find out.
Figurative Language
pg. 52
This is an amazing book and my favorite book.
I recommend this book to everyone 4th grade and up.
In this book a meteor collides with the moon, pushing it closer to the earth.
moon: a large cylinder orbiting a planet

orbit: circling something with a gravitational pull

space: a large never ending area
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