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Storyboard Introduction

Creating storyboards

Rebecca Tabb

on 3 October 2012

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Transcript of Storyboard Introduction

Creating a Storyboard Check your work! Correct spelling, punctuation or grammatical mistakes. Rate yourself using your rubric. 1st choose a character from your novel. Choose at least 5 major events that this character experiences. Illustrate one frame of the storyboard for each event you choose. For each frame, you must write a caption summarizing the event. Remember that each theme can be
defined as what the author is trying
to tell the reader about life, so think about
what your character discovers as a result of each experience. Criteria for Student Learning A valid theme for each event is correctly inferred and included in the caption for each frame. Each frame contains an illustration that accurately represents & explains the importance of the event being described. What is a storyboard? Storyboards are picture writing! Egyptians used storyboards or hieroglyphics to organize society, government & record important events. Storyboards can take many forms like cartoons, flow charts, timelines, or powerpoint presentations. Storyboard is neat & legible. I mastered this. Almost there Not yet there. You will create a storyboard illustrating the journey, physical &/or emotional,of a character from the novel you read in class. Cartoons are storyboards! What does a storyboard look like?
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