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In what ways does your media product use, develop or challen

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shannon davidson

on 30 March 2017

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Transcript of In what ways does your media product use, develop or challen

In what ways does your media product use, develop or challenge forms and conventions of real media products?
Double Page Spread
Yet again i used the inspiration of Q with the image on the left hand side to make it straight forward and the article on the right hand side. I done this because then the text and image are focused once at a time. It is easily set out which most popular magazines use. I also used a special feature with a large J on the double page spread which links with Q to make the artist stand out. The colour scheme also makes the text stand out the most as it's just a plain white background in which majority of magazines do this to make the article be the most important.
My media product uses many conventions of real music magazines as it includes mast head, main image, the layout and bar code.This is to make it look professional and high branded which can help appeal to the audience. I used research to analyse many popular music magazine to get an idea of what is needed to make it look professional. I decided to use the inspiration of Q magazine, as they link with my theme of my magazine. I liked the way the masthead is bold and is easily recognisable in which i wanted to include into my magazine and how the colour scheme ran through all the magazine to make it look simple but edgy. The visual aspects were also different from other magazines like the masthead and different cover lines which inspired me to be unique with my magazine.
Front Cover
Another way i used conventions is the main image as it positioned in the middle of the magazine in which majority of magazines do this to make it the visual of centre focus and to make sure the cover lines fitted into the magazine perfectly without it all combining and looking a mess. The mise en scene of the image on my front cover is very popular in the way that it is a close up to show the detail on the face i did this throughout the magazine to show depth on the model's face. The image on the front cover also gives it a professional feel as the model is replaced over the masthead which a lot of the real products do to show the importance of the artists
Main Image
The masthead i used the inspiration of Q as i made a bold blue box around the name of my magazine. I decided to use this as it effectively grabs the reader's attention as i is bold and bright. I also decided to use just a plain bold font to make it look simple yet matched in line with the main image as it slightly italic.
Mast Head
The cover lines i used were original and based from others as they use a lot of coverlines in different places, i ‘scattered’ them to make the audience focus in different places, i chose a simple bold font throughout the coverlines to stand out. I used shades colours white and black to stand out from the background. I challenged the forms of magazines as they are positioned very neatly as mine is very random which is unique.
Cover Lines
I did not place a bar code on my magazine as i was focusing to but it on the back on my magazine so it doesn't ruin the image. Most magazine put it on the front to stand out the price. But i used the back to make the reader have to pick up to look at it which grabs their attention more.
Bar Code
I included ‘features’ to highlight what exactly is in the magazine, i used the idea from Q as they have multiple images on the content to show who is in the magazine this makes it easier to see if the reader know exactly who it is, however i have one main image that stood out the most to show thats the most importance of it that Q also uses. I kept the style of the the colour scheme with the front page and uses blue boxes around the numbers to link with the masthead to show a sense of theme throughout. I also used a blue text colour to stand out more i thought this was different from other magazines as they use simple colour to get to the point.

I also added the date and issue number in which a lot of existing magazines to do this. I liked how Q positioned there date at the bottom like a footer which makes the date look important as its by itself. I also positioned the issue number on the top in a circle surrounding it to show it's really important for the reader and make it stand out more.

The layout also fits the conventions as since its split into two columns which makes it easier so it fits in to one page and looks straight forward so it makes the reader easier to find what they want.
Content Page
I based my genre on what the survey told me which were close with a lot of genres so i decided to mix it up and combined different areas of genres in which is why my magazine is called ‘V’. i used the inspiration of Q as they also used a variety of genres to appeal to different target audiences
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