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My lol skins

No description

simon langus

on 23 January 2014

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Transcript of My lol skins

-Blitzcrank(Boom boom)
-Leona(Iron solari)
-Darius(Woad king)
jungle and top
-Udyr(Spirit Guard)
-WarWick(Firefang,Big bad)
-Lee sin(Acolyte)
-Cho Gath(Battlecast prime)
-Shyvana(Ice Drake)
mid lane
-Ziggs(Snow Day)
-Katarina(High comand,Merceneri)
-Lux(Steal legion,Sorceres)
-Elise(Death Blossom)
My League of Legends skins
-Corki(Dragon wing)
-MissFortune(cowgirl, mafia)
-Tristana(Riot girl)
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