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Paws to Read Literacy Program

Kaitlin Keddy

Kaitlin Keddy

on 17 March 2010

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Transcript of Paws to Read Literacy Program

Paws to Read Kaitlin Keddy Mission Objective Goal Objective Budget Literacy at Eastlawn Elementary Vision Literacy in the US Works Cited Cost of Service http://www.dulemba.com/Blogstuff/ColoringPageTuesdays/DogWithBook-big.jpg 30 Million 14% Health Care Unemployment Poverty Incarceration Rank 5th 1 Parenting 24.3% 96% $27,560 $39,220 461 students 60 participants Title I Our mission is to inspire children to become lifelong readers by providing a fun environment that encourages the improvement of literacy skills and reading comprehension with the help of therapy dogs. Taking a PAWS TO READ helps kids succeed! $29.81 per session $1,043.47 $75,130 $68,300 $58,500 Improve the reading abilities of Eastlawn Elementary’s third grade students. Improve reading fluency through reading books aloud Output Outcome 4 reading sessions per week 1 hour per session 35 weeks 140 hours 75% of students will improve the WCM score by 20 words Improve reading comprehension Output Outcome 1 book report a month 95% of studentcan explain basic elements of book or story Cost of Success Objective 1: $1,391.30 Objective 2: $1,088.84 Program Description
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