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The largest misconception was the idea that America thought

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john robbins

on 23 May 2016

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Transcript of The largest misconception was the idea that America thought

Cuban Missile Crisis (From Russian Point of View)
US Missile Placement: Turkey
Conclusion of The war
Pre-Cold war
During Cuban revolution, Castro asked Moscow for help, but they refused because they thought America would have too much influence over them
After Castro won the revolution, he visited the US, where he was greatly disrespected
Castro fought against American capitalism
In retaliation, the US refused to buy Cuban sugar and they refused to supply them with oil
Seizing the opportunity, the USSR sent over oil tankers to Cuba, and bought their sugar
Fidel Castro
Russians React
The USSR was defenseless against the nuclear warheads that were placed in turkey
Nikita Khrushchev was enraged and he thought of the missile placement as an insult
Nikita presented his idea to place warheads in Cuba to the Central Committee of the communist party of the Soviet Union

USSR Retaliation
Nikita Khrushchev and Castro challenged the blockade arguing that there was nothing illegal about placing missiles in another country
Nikita ordered his troops to ignore the blockade
He told the US that any attack on his ships was an act against the USSR, and they would retaliate
CPSU Central Committee brought the armed forces of the USSR into a higher state of alert in preparation for war

US began sending medium range missiles (Jupiter missiles) into turkey
Moscow and other major industrial cities of Russia were in the missiles' range, they saw it as a threat
The missiles in turkey placed by the US could hit Russian targets in considerably less than 10 mins

Kennedy sent the Kremlin a message which stated:
The USSR will withdraw weapons from Cuba under supervision of the UN
The US, in return will stop the blockade against Cuba and impose an act of nonaggression towards Cuba
Khrushchev also pushed for the removal of missiles from Turkey
Kennedy agreed to this without the american peoples' knowledge
It took three weeks to ship all the Soviet weapons out of Cuba
The US waited for the Soviets to pull their weapons out of Cuba before they took theirs out of Turkey
Russia did not remove all of their nuclear missiles, as we have learned from documents found years later

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