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BIOME: The Rainforest by CIP

No description

gina poblete

on 22 February 2013

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Transcript of BIOME: The Rainforest by CIP

A wet humid place near the equator that holds more than half of the animals and provides 40% oxygen on the Earth. Layers of the Rainforest:
Upper Story
Forest floor Features of the Rainforest:
1. Rainforests are in the wet region
2. Temp gets rarely higher than 90 degrees and no lower than 68 degrees
3. Almost all rainforests are found near the equator
4. Cover 6% of the earth LAYERS OF THE RAINFOREST THE RAINFOREST Animals of the Rainforest
Each animal has learned to survive and adapt in this environment in their own ways.
Scientists have discovered that branches high above ground may have influenced the evolution of many animal species! My Photo Gallery of Dominica (pictures taken by myself!!) Plants of the Rainforest Reptiles BIRDS of the Rainforest THE END! HOPE YOU LEARNED ABOUT THE RAINFOREST! by Cara Poblete
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