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Facts about Zookeeper

Renate Rose

on 28 August 2010

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Transcript of Zookeeper

Zookeeper By: Renate Rose Why do I want to be a Zookeeper? I might want to work as Zookeeper, because I love to take care of large animals, such as elephants, lions, tigers, giraffes, and many others that you couldn’t imagine.
I also want to work as a Zookeeper because I want to ensure that all animals in Zoo is safe and soundly happy.
What do I do as a Zookeeper? It says, there, that we mow the exhibit’s lawn, or clean the exhibit, or such as making sure that the animal’s stall is clean. We also take care of abandoned baby animals by ensuring that the baby receives the proper milk feedings and get the proper foster mother, and is thriving.
Of course, I am so in love with animals that is so abandoned!
What kind of education am I required to study to be a Zookeeper? It depends, because you don’t have to have education to take care of a parrot, or parakeet. But, if you want to take care of a tiger, or an elephant, you are required to have at least a college degree that is related with animals.
If you want to be a Docent, you are required to ace a really tough test, and many animal lovers respect Docent greatly, because Docent knows almost everything about almost every animal in world.
The most interesting thing about this job The most interesting about this job is that you can see lots of amazing things that you don’t see as a tourist in a Zoo. You get to see a baby seal get born, or you get to observe how animal acts when people aren’t around or nearby. Plus, animals mostly act different around loud-voiced humans around it. When left in peace, it would behave differently. Of course, that requires a lot of energy and labor. But it’s so awesome!
Would I enjoy this job? Or that’s what I think of this job.
Yes, of course! Why? Because I could get to know about animals more, or see so amazing things that you don’t usually get to see in a lifetime, just as I just mentioned. I want to take care of animals.
Many Zookeepers love this job because they love to know that they’re doing the best for the animal and are satisfied when we see that the animal is thriving and happy. We make a GREAT change for animals by ensuring that they’re happy and safe.
How much do I earn with this job? The average is $21,550 a year. T H A K N Y O U Sources: http://webpages.charter.net/sbratcher/faq.htm#5
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