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Uzbekistan Prezi

No description

Mason Tarkenton

on 7 May 2013

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Transcript of Uzbekistan Prezi

Norfolk, Virginia Uzbekistan Tashkent
Airport Doubly landlocked Slightly larger than
California. 447,400 sq. km. Mostly rolling sandy
deserts with intensely
irrigated river valleys. Summer- plentiful
fruits and vegetables Lots of
seasonings Winter- pasta
type dishes with
dried fruit. Tea- very common Mutton is preferred
protein for the
Uzbek diet. Cuisine Geography Customs Banquet or formal
etiquette is expected. A silent bow is
given to a person
that you deeply
respect. A toast is given
before each meal. Handshakes are
given to the guests
after the gathering. Education Primary School
Grades 1-4
For ages 6-10 Secondary school
Grades 5-9
For ages 10-17 Upper Secondary
Grades 10-11
For ages 15-17 Specialized Secondary
Grades 11- college
Ages 17-19 Problems Aerosol acidification Acid rain desertification The shrinkage of the Aral
Sea due to soviet irrigation
projects. The remaining sea
is a caustic concentration of
chemical pesticides and
natural salts. Soil contamination Government President-
Islam Karimov Uzbekistan has a
cabinet of ministers
and a Prime Minister. Government has two
chambers- senate
and legislative chamber Living Conditions Wealthy- live a nice
lifestyle Middle Class- marginalized
politically and economically. Poor- There are virtually
no poor. Poverty level
is almost nonexistent. Similarities/
with the U.S. Population of Uzbekistan- 29,341,200
Population of the U.S.- 313,847,465 U.S. death penalty- legal in some
Uzbek death penalty- has been
abolished U.S. unemployment rate- 9.0
Uzbek unemployment rate- 1.0 U.S. literacy rate- 99%
Uzbek literacy rate- 99.3% It is a Republic. Russia took over in the mid
nineteenth century. In 1924, Russia created the
Uzbek socialist republic. They gained independence in 1991. Turks came to Uzbekistan
in the tenth century. There were many terrorist
attacks there in 2004. History Hayeer!
(Goodbye in Uzbeki)
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