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Biomass project

No description

Cheryl Armstrong

on 6 November 2012

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Transcript of Biomass project

Biomass What can biomass be used for? What are the negative aspects of using biomass? -It can be used for warmth in a home.
-It can be used for energy.
-It can also be used for making gasoline. Biomass can be easily renewed by gathering more organic waste and having it go through a process. How is Biomass easily renewed? Just for building the factory it costs about 270-280 million dollars. What is the cost of using biomass energy? -clean energy
-available in most places What are the positive aspects of using biomass? -It is an expensive process.
-It needs a factory to go through process. What is the Science behind biomass? Biomass has a biological material science or recently living organisms changed into something else. How is the energy gathered? Energy is gathered by cutting dead organic material such as old wood down. How is energy stored for later use? Energy is stored in containers in the factory where it is converted into fuel. What are the waste by products of biomass? -biomass has a by-product that is air pollution
-carbon monoxide
-carbon dioxide Currently, What is keeping biomass from widespread use? -the price of making product
-Not a big population of people who use biomass fuel When is biomass expected to be easily accessible to the general public? It is expected to be easily accessible to the general public in 2017. But, it is to be twice as expensive then it is right now. How is biomass important? Biomass is important because without it we would
not have a lot of the fuels we have today. How is biomass contributing to the worlds energy crisis? -It can be easily renewed
-Can be used for multiple things
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