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Whanau kopepe: Young Maori parents experiences of raising a family

Presentation to young fathers from START

Felicity Ware

on 4 June 2015

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Transcript of Whanau kopepe: Young Maori parents experiences of raising a family

Our parenting influences
Whanau kopepe: Maori approach to parenting
The first whanau: Rangi and Papa
Some early observations of Maori parenting

Whanaungatanga (relationships)
Matua rautia te tamaiti
One child, many parents

Aroha (love)
He tangi to te tamariki, he whakama to te pakeke.
When the (naughty) child cries, the elder blushes.

Mana (potential)
Ta te tamariki tana mahi wawahi taha.
It is the job of the children to smash the calabash.

Tapu (sacred)
Values (Tikanga)
Do my actions towards my child(ren) honour the person that I am and the person they will become?
Toku whanau
Both parents are equally fond of their children.

Fathers, like mothers, looked after the physical needs of all their children such as feeding and carrying them everywhere.

Fathers also attended to the emotional side of their children such as settling, singing and cuddling.

When a baby boy was weaned (from breastfeeding), his father took over his entire care.

Children were never punished. In fact, boldness was often met with a smile.

"The New Zealand father is devotedly fond of his children, they are his pride, his boast, and delight"

(Polack J. London, 1840)
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