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Song Analysis "Forever" by HAIM

No description

Eric Hollis

on 28 March 2014

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Transcript of Song Analysis "Forever" by HAIM

Song Analysis:"Forever" by HAIM
Verse Analysis
Verse Two
I don't want to turn around,
So come on baby,
Come on and try to let it out,
Let go.
We're still the same,
So come on baby,
Trigger the sound, let's figure it out,
Let's get back to where we started out.

Verse One
Hey you!
Remember me? Remember love?
Remember trying to stay together?
My time, you took it all.
You tried to see.
You tried to bring yourself up without involving me.
It isn't fair, to have your way,
To try and get up and go and na na na na now can't you see,
It isn't fair to have your way,
But I'm trying to get your attention and I need you to know that.

Here it is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
In the song "Forever" the literary devices used can be shown on how the singer presents her feelings on how her relationship is dwindling and she is ready to end it,but is willing for another chance.
Thesis Statement
Verse Analysis
the imagery used by the singer shows how she is trying to get the person she is talking to to remember how their relationship was back then.She is also desperate to get who she's talking to back.
Forever we tried to make it right,
But together we saw the end in sight,
I'm tired of fighting the good fight,
If you say the word then I'll say goodbye.

Forever I see you and me,
Forever I'll try for you and I,
No I never believed in their insight,
Just another good reason to get it right.

Chorus Analysis
The singer basically uses hyperbole to
extend the time on how they had to fix there
relationship. Though the tone can be found as desperate because she knows she wants whoever she is talking to to understand they have been through the thick and thins of their lives.
The theme in this song is love never
dwindles away if you give it another chance. Last but not least the tone
throughout the song could either be
patient or desperate because she is basically waiting until the person she is talking to to realize they should be together "Forever".
When she says "Trigger the
sound" she wants the person she's talking to to understand what she is saying by showing
how she feels about this situation they are in at the moment.
Thanks for watching!
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