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Australian Curriculum - General Capabilities

An overview of the General Capabilities

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Transcript of Australian Curriculum - General Capabilities

An overview of the General Capabilities within the
Australian Curriculum
What are the General Capabilities?
Who developed them?
The Australian Curriculum
An overview
The General Capabilities encompass the knowledge, skills, behaviours and dispositions that, together with curriculum content in each learning area and the Cross-curriculum priorities, will assist students to live and work successfully in the twenty-first century.
The General Capabilities have been developed by writing teams with expertise in particular
capabilities and include advice sought from academics, focus groups of teachers and state
and territory education authorities through a national consultation process. Work is continuing on the General Capabilities.
How do we assess and report
against the General Capabilities?
The nature of the General Capabilities
The Australian Curriculum General Capabilities are developed to enhance and complement each other. The capabilities are intended to be 'general' and operate across the whole curriculum.
The General Capabilities are expected to
be integrated within each learning area.

State and territory school authorities
are to determine how these General
Capabilities will be assessed and
Icons to look for to
meet the General Capabilities
Further information
Capability framework
The materials are broken down into three parts
an introduction
elements that underpin it
a continuum to describe the:
and expected dispositions at
particular developmental
ICT capability
critical and creative thinking
personal and social capability
ethical understanding
intercultural understanding
There's more to consider!
Cross-curriculum priorities
Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander
histories & cultures
Asia and Australia's
engagement with
Source: Open Clip Art, www.openclipart.org
Source: Earl & Nazima Kowall/CORBIS
Source: Australian Curriculum, Assessment and Reporting
Authority (ACARA). Licensed under Creative Commons
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