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No description

Bo Ram Moon

on 4 April 2013

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Transcript of TGB CH13. WH-QUESTIONS

Sequence Forming WH-Questions WH-QUESTIONS FORM 1. Three Dimensions of WH-Qts 3. Teaching Suggestions FORM, MEANING, USE of WH-Questions ch.13 WH-Questions 1. The FORM of WH-QUESTIONS

2. Exercises (#3,5,7)

3. Teaching Suggestions #3. Why are the following sentences ungrammatical? : Get-To-Know Me Bingo : Mr. Bean 1. Form/Meanig-focused Activity 2. Meaning/Use-focused Activity *Which did he buy car?
*Whose did he steal handbag? If your students produce the following sentences, what errors have they made?
How will you make them aware of the errors,
and what exercises will you prepare to correct the errors? Exercise #5. One of the students asks you why three of the questions have a 'did' while the other two do not. How would you answer this student's question? a. What did you do yesterday?
b. Where did you go?
c. What happened?
d. Who went with you?
e. When did you get home? a. *Where you are going?
b. *What you want?
c. *To whom did he say that to?
d. *Where Benny? Exercise #7. Get-to-know Bingo & Mr. Bean The FORM of WH-Questions = Wh-Questions are statements
with an information gap. by BO RAM MOON "Why do we have to teach WH-Questions to our students?" #4. Special Cases in WH-Fronting #5. Embedded WH-Questions (from TGE) USE MEANING RULES
Now ask me questions.
If I give you an answer on the screen, you can cross the number off your bingo card. Who, What, When, Where, Why & How Did you get them all? Like this… Put numbers 1~24 anywhere in the small boxes… Like this… On a piece of paper
draw a bingo box
with 5 columns and 5 rows… Follow these instructions. 23. Yuna Kim
24. Thursday 12. Turkey
13. No
14. One
15. Yes
16. 80 minutes
17. Kyung Mi
18. Coffee
19. Apples
20. 18th March
21. Watch movies
22. Autumn 1. Bo Ram
2. Not yet
3. Hong-eo
4. English
5. Thank you
6. Math
8. Two
9. 2008
10. Gimpo
11. Pianist Like this… Review words
used to form questions (Form/Meaning based activity)
To practice making and asking questions
To get to know the teacher
To break the ice Get-to-know-me Bingo Like this… Now write ‘BONUS’
in the middle box… 2. Exercises Mr. Bean (Hospital) for low-intermediate learners for Ability Grouping Ask the students to change positions
and show the next clip,
‘Mr. Bean – whatever,
doing the same procedure as before. After watching this clip,
let each pair go over the answers,
discuss anything
that comes up in the clip Go over any specific vocabulary
for helping the students to describe
what they’re watching.
Student A : facing the screen
Student B : having her back to the screen The students(A) must watch
and prepare for doing a
commentary about the
whole story Give a set of questions out
to the students(B) and tell them
they need to ask their partners(A)
the questions through the clip. Put your students in pairs. "A medical doctor (English teacher) cannot treat (teach) a patient (English/students) unless s/he knows the human body (English)." Thank you. The Procedure of this Activity Mr. Bean for advanced-level students and check answers
of each question (pair-work activity) (whole-class activity) Wrap-up
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