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Fair Trade

Serge Productions

S Beaton

on 2 September 2013

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Transcript of Fair Trade

How are poor farmers better off being in fair trade?
Poor farmers get paid a higher price
for what they grow.
They get paid in cash and on time.
They learn safe and sustainable farming methods.
The extra money from the social premium helps villages with community projects such as education, heathcare
Many African, Asian and South American countries are involved in producing things for fair trade.
The countries on the map in green are producers of fair trade products.
What countries are involved in fair trade?
The main things the farmers grow are
coffee beans, cocoa beans, bananas,
rice, dried fruit, flowers, spices, nuts,
sugar and tea.
What do fair trade farmers grow?
What person or country started fair trade?
Fair trade gives the cocoa farmers a minimum price for their beans. This covers the cost of sustainable production even when the world market price falls.
Cocoa producers are involved with decisions that affect their futures.
What does fair trade do to help cocoa producers?
Step This Way
Fair Trade

Fair Trade started in 1946 with Edna Byler when she visited a sewing class in Puerto Rico. The women worked hard making wonderful lace and needlework but were very poor. She took the needlework back to the U.S. to sell and paid the women fairly.

Serge Productions

http://www.traidcraftschools.co.uk/Resources/Traidcraft%20Schools/World%20commodity%20map.pdf http://www.videojug.com/interview/fair-trade-history-2
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