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High School Project

Curriculum and Intruction Project

Brian Gottschalk

on 15 December 2010

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Transcript of High School Project

Challenges Goals Experts Theodore Sizer * Core Curriculum: Higher order
thinking skills
* Learn through confrontation with
engaging problems
* Fewer and clearer goals
* Mastery of subject matter
* "less is more” Future Implications 1) Realization we are not competing with students in
our state or country but with the world
2) International competence
3) Knowledge of foreign languages and cultures
4) Students need to be intellectually involved with
curriculum topics
5) Creating a curriculum that is meaningful and
promotes plication and understanding
6) Educational funding problems
7) Literacy rates compared to world
8) Urban School’s performance with disengaged
9) Engaging community in education of children
10) Student, Parent and Community involvement
High School New berlin Eisenhower and New berlin west
Both schools are located 20 miles west of Milwaukee in Waukesha County.
The New Berlin School District is approximately 91% white, 4% Asian, 3% Hispanic, 1.5% black, and 0.5% American Indian.
98.5% of the students are proficient in English.
Approximately 1% are Hmong ELL students, and the remainder are ELL students with a native language other than Hmong or Spanish (Spanish ELL students make up 0% of the student population).
10% of the student population can be classified as having a disability.
Approximately 8% of the student population is eligible for subsidized lunch.

The mission of New Berlin Public Schools is to ensure that our students demonstrate skills and knowledge that exceed the community and society’s expectations. We are committed to accomplishing this through a caring and effective school system that is both introspective and dynamic.
• What are the challenges of your level of education?
o Since Ike is a 7-12 grade middle school, some challenges include:
 Balancing the middle-high school schedules (early releases, assemblies, testing, hour long core subjects vs. electives, lunches, etc.)
 Transitioning into 7th and 9th grade
 Mix grades in classrooms (7th graders with juniors and seniors in foreign language)
 Providing appropriate intervention for students
• What are the challenges of your level of education?
Since Ike is a 7-12 grade middle school, some challenges include:
 * Balancing the middle-high school schedules
(early releases, assemblies, testing,hourlong core
subjects vs. electives, lunches, etc.)
 *Transitioning into 7th and 9th grade
 *Mix grades in classrooms
(7th graders with juniors and seniors in foreign language)
 *Providing appropriate intervention for students 1.Lack of parental involvement
2.Students have formed some bad habits
3.Wide variety in skill level
4.More difficulty with motivation
5.Interests in the opposite sex
1) Students disengagement and lack of motivation
2) Disjointed and vast curriculum
3) Students transitioning from adolescence to
4) Students coming in with varying degrees of
academic ability, maturity, work ethic,
values, etc.
5) Preparing students for college and the
"real world” o To set up our students for success in college and beyond

o Score high on the WKCE's, ACT's and have high participation in the AP examinations

o Provide our students with a PLC to help intervene when necessary 1. To compete with prospective college students
2. To develop an emphasis on academics
3. To develop a strong work ethic 1) Develop students into self-directed, lifelong learners and Christian Leaders
2) Develop critical thinking skills
o Chapter 10 summary points of some “experts”:
 *High school education should be comprehensive
and provide learning opportunities for all
 *High Schools should prepare students to be
citizens of the world
(Vivien Stewart).
 *High Schools need to have teachers that
“engage the disengaged students”
and represent the curriculum content
appropriately by engaging all students
(Susan Black).
 *High Schools need to help promote positive self images
(Daphna Oyserman)
 *High Schools need to teach real world skills of the
21st Century and technology
(Patricia Joyce)
 *High Schools need to choose between superficially
covering many topics or get more in depth on
fewer topics
(Fred M. Newman)
 *It is important to smooth the transition into high school
(Hugh Campbell)
 *Which type of curriculum is best?
Progressive, constructivist or traditional curriculum?
(Mira Reisberg) http://www.doglegs.net/cclovett/toppage1.htm http://eddie.niese.net/2008/04/
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