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should children who commit violent crimes be tried as adults

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Seanit Yohannes

on 15 April 2015

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Transcript of should children who commit violent crimes be tried as adults

Should teens who commit violent crimes be tried as adults???
by Seanit Yohannes
Should teens who commit violent crimes be tried as adults?

YES! Teenagers these days are not as naive as they used to be. They know the difference between right and wrong!
Sarah Johnson was a 16 year old girl who comitted a plot to murder her parents and accuse an intruder. She wanted to kill her parents because they disapproved of her illegally immigrated boyfriend, Bruno Santos. she left someone's DNA at the crime scene and continued the act of a grieving child. Her friends and family suspected her act and called her out on it. The police also discovered her DNA in the glove used to shoot the gun that was used. The officers took her to court and she was sentenced to life in prison with no possiblity in parole. If she was an adult she would have been executed.
Another Example:
Jordan Brown was accused of murdering his step-mother because she had an unborned baby boy in her belly. The case was argued either to be in adult or juvenile court since Jordan was only 11 years old.He was found guilty in a juvinile court and sentenced to a residential treatment facility until the age of 21.At the age of 17, he appealed to the Supreme Court and they gave him another chance in juvenile court. He is still in the facility he was originally charged to but no other progress was made.
1 in 9 murders are comitted by teenagers under the age of 18
An average of 5 teen are arrested for murder everyday
1 in 6 violent crimes are done by juveniles
30-40% of crimes are committed by male teens
16-32% of crimes are committed by female teens
Some cases were not even trialed or given a thought, while others are given some jail time or probabtion. Rarely were the few that were treated as adult cases.
A childs mental ability may not be as fully developed but it has developed enough to complete the action in the first place.Soo they should recieve the right kind of punishment for their crime.
In this public survey the majority believes that juveniles should be treated the same as adults.
Adolescents may be a little naive at times but they are not plain dumb. They know what is right and what is wrong. Since they are surrounded by adults that get arrested on a daily basis, they know the risks of doing an adult crime. Therefore they should know to get punished as an adult should be.
The End :) :) :)
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