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The Breakfast Club: Group Development

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Transcript of The Breakfast Club: Group Development

Exploring Tuckman's Theory
of Group Development The Breakfast Club In describing how groups form and develop over time, Tuckman (1965) identified four distinct stages, through which groups must pass for a successful experience. Stage 1: Forming First time all together
Bonding experiences (teambuilders, icebreakers)
Setting expectations
Wanting to be part of the team
Developing trust
Creating a vision and goals
Learning personal information about the team members Where have you seen this before? Stage 2: STORMING! Expressing differences in feelings, ideas, or opinions
Power or control issues
Communication may break down
Cliques may form
Little team spirit/high level of competition
Personal attacks It doesn't sound like it, but it's helpful for groups to go through this stage...
It's just really important to MOVE past it! Stage 3: Norming Trust is developed
People appreciating others
Group purpose is defined
Individual motivation
Resources are available
Start to see some success How to be successful in Stage 1: Set a mission
Set some goals
Define your role
Decide that you want to be part of the team Stage 4: Performing High level of motivation, pride in the team, and satisfaction
Openness and support
Trust in everyone
Comfortable with addressing conflict
"Team" mentality ("We" vs. "I") Stage 5: Adjourning Mission complete
Goals accomplished
Saying goodbye
Breaking up the team Moving past the Storming stage... Request and accept feedback
Build trust
Recognize team or individual accomplishments
Communicate with each other
Spend time together From Norming to Performing... Maintain traditions
Praise and flatter each other
Share leadership roles
Share rewards and successes.
Communicate all the time.
Share responsibility
Delegate freely within the team
Commit time to the team
Keep raising the bar – new, higher goals It's important to say good bye!
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