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Canadian Government

Discusses the Legislative and executive branches of the Federal Government

Ryan Wood

on 20 September 2012

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Transcript of Canadian Government

The Three Branches of the Canadian Government Executive Branch of Government The Prime Minister The Prime Minister is the leader of the political party that wins the most seats in an election. The Prime Minister is an elected Member of Parliament The Prime Minister is the head of the Executive Branch of Government Provides leadership and direction to the government Appoints the cabinet and acts as the Cabinet Chair Cabinet Usually made up of Members of Parliament Have department responsibilities Made up of MPs from across Canada Legislative Branch of Government The House of Commons and The Senate 308 Members of Parliament 105 Senators elected from the 308 constituencies across Canada appointed by the Governor General on the recomendation of the Prime Minister cannot create laws about how money should be spent 14 in Saskatchewan Conservatives- 163
New Democrats- 100
Liberals- 35
Bloc- 4
Green- 1
Independent Conservative- 1
Independent- 1
Vacant- 3 Minister of National Defence
Finance Minister
Minister of Indian and Northern Affairs
Minister of Foreign Affairs
Environment Minister The Legislative Branch is:
-Where the laws are created, voted on and made law
-done through two different houses
-decide what laws Canadians will live by The Judicial Branch Made up of all the different courts in Canada.
The highest is the Supreme Court of Canada. Courts hold every citizen of Canada equal under the law. Current Prime Minister of Canada, Stephen Harper Canadian Cabinet Ministers following the 2011 Federal Election http://qwi.ki/h21qEg
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