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Jay Wu and Ian Smith

No description

lib hist

on 10 September 2015

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Transcript of Jay Wu and Ian Smith

Jay Wu and Ian Smith
Medal of Honor Recipients
Harold C. Agerholm
Harold C. Agerholm was a US marine who served during World War II. During the battle of Saipan, even while mortally wounded by enemy mortar fire, he volunteered to help evacuate wounded allies. He managed to get 45 men off the island before succumbing to his wounds. He was awarded the medal posthumously.
Richard B. Anderson
Lieutenant William D. Hawkins
Hawkins fought in the World War II Battle of Tarawa and was waged as one of the most furious one-man army assaults in modern warfare. He led a platoon of men into a forest of coconut palms, while he, for a day and a half, emptied 6 Japanese machine gun nests. He also held back many enemies that fired at him while clearing out the nests.
During a battle in the Marshall Islands, PFC Anderson entered a shell crater occupied by a squad of marines. Anderson tried to throw a grenade, but after pulling the pin, the grenade fell from his hand. Anderson threw himself on the grenade and saved his squadmates. He was awarded the medal for "exceptional spirit of loyalty in the face of almost certain death
Capt. Robert "Bobbie" E. Brown
Brown fought in one of the hardest fights the allies had in Europe, in Aachen, Germany. The battle of Crucifix Hill. He led 120 men into battle against the Germans. During that battle, he struggled through enemy fire and mortar shells to destroy a German bunker. He was nearly killed, and for his gallantry, he was awarded the Medal of Honor.
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