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St. Christina of Bolsena

No description

Amanda P

on 2 April 2013

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Transcript of St. Christina of Bolsena

St. Christina of Bolsena Timeline St. Christina of bolsena's Birth Date is in the 3rd century. She died in A.D. 250. St. Christina's of Bolsena's Feast Day is July 24 St. Christian's symbol is an bow and arrow because she was tormented throughout her life and was shot with arrows and died. The arrow represents strength and ability. St. Christina of Bolsena is a patron saint of insanity, and millers St. Christina was not canonized by the pope she was declared a saint by the Catholic community. she was born in Bolsena Italy I chose St. Christina of Bolsena because she stayed faith full in her faith. she also helped the poor and needy. I can apply st Christian's qualities in my everyday life by donating old clothes and canned goods to the poor and needy. citations http://www.catholic.org/saints/saints.php?saints_id=148 http://www.catholic-saints.info/patron-saints/saint-christina.htm By: Amanda Paladino I admire that St Christian helped the poor and how she stayed faithful in her faith
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