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How can friends affect your personality & attitude?

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aubrey byrd

on 23 May 2014

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Transcript of How can friends affect your personality & attitude?

How can friends affect your personality & attitude?
Learning more about psychology, the researchers became curious about why friends have such an impact on decisions. A question, “How do friends affect attitude and personality,” was formed. While hypothesizing, the researchers believe that friends impact personality and attitude mainly because their friends wish to be accepted.
Based on the original and secondary research, the hypothesis of friends affecting personality and attitude because of the peer wishing to be acknowledged in their group was accepted. Peer pressure does impact the choices made in life and how people act, either it be negatively or positively. If this project could be expanded or redone, it would be tied in peer pressure and the outcomes of it.

Friends persuade the way people act-from what they say or do. On one hand, friends can lift spirits positively, but on the other, they can destroy self-esteem. Either way, they have an impact on day-to-day life. Affecting the people around them, friends can put pressure on people to do certain things good or bad. This is called peer pressure. Peer pressure shapes the way a person is and their attitude. How can friends affect a person’s personality and attitude?

The researchers interviewed Mathew Meisel, social influence and behavior expert, from the University of Georgia in Athens. This expert wrote many essays and observations on the social behavior of adolescents and adults. In the response, he explained how social selection, facilitation, conformity, and influence work in adolescents and why they impact decisions. For example, a person is more likely to partake in risky behavior when their companions do. This is because their desire to fit in and pressure from peers make them feel obligated in doing so. By responding to the interview questions, the expert provided detailed answers on the topic and helped figure out how friends can affect personality and attitude.
To seek evidence on their topic, the researchers surveyed a hundred seventh grade students, both female and male. Of the hundred people surveyed, forty-nine, or forty-nine percent, were female, while fifty-one, or fifty-one percent, were male. Of the forty-nine female, on average, answered 31 times yes, 14 said no, and about 4 responded no comment on the questions. This means most females have the same activities with their friends, and done something wrong under the influence of friends. Out of the fifty-one male, on average, 26 answered yes, 19 said no, and 6 replied no comment. This means majority of the males surveyed are influenced by their peers in positive and negative ways.

To provide evidence for the hypothesis, original research was calculated. The researchers conducted a survey for a hundred seventh grade students, and interviewed an expert on their topic of social influence. They designed this method of investigation to understand the feelings of peers under the influence of peer pressure and social influence. In addition to surveys, the researchers interviewed an expert to set a better perspective on their project.
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Interviewed Meisel, Mathew from UGA

Angelique Schmidt and Aubrey Byrd
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