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ITB Library study guide: improve your memory

No description

ITB Library

on 8 September 2011

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Transcript of ITB Library study guide: improve your memory

Looking for ways to improve your memory? Some helpful hints: Understand the information In the long term, you will only remember ideas and concepts that you understand properly.

Before attempting to learn a piece of information, you should ensure that you understand it logically

Knowing the context will help you remember, especially when you are under pressure Say it out loud Speaking out loud helps long term memory

When you think you understand a topic, put away your notes and explain it to a classmate College students need to remember, and to repeat, a lot of information. Don't just rely on words Use highlighters to emphasise headings, examples and definitions

Colour pens or stickers can help you to organise your notes

Draw pictures or graphs to help you visualise the information Make the information your own Context makes information easier to remember.

Make the information relevent to you.....

For example, Have you ever organised your money on a weekend away? How can that help you understand book-keeping a little better? Repeat the information Repeat to remember, Repeat to remember, Repeat to remember

Look at the topic from different perspectives, or authors, to understand the context.

Practice recalling lists in different sequences or in your own words. Tips for improving your memory: Continuous assessment means you are busy throughout the college year. Hand in your assignments on time so the pressure doesnt build up as the year goes on. Scan your notes before a lecture. Being able to remember what you learned in the previous lecture will help you understand new material. Context is everything! Get enough sleep. We really struggle to concentrate when we are tired. Take short, frequent breaks when you study so that you do not get drained Every now and then....stop. Close the book and test yourself. Can you repeat what you just read in your own words? Further Reading http://www.study-habits.com/how-to-improve-memory Studyhabits.com A good memory reduces your workload. Learn something once and remember it!
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