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Sevcan Yasa

on 15 March 2015

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Transcript of Jaws

How films build suspense - thriller
The opening sequence starts with the camera going through the sea. There are plants and fishes. The use of dull colors creates suspense as it hints unpleasant things will happen.
The next clip is a tracking shot of young people talking and laughing. Some are smoking cigarette while some couples are kissing. This shows their youth. The camera stops at a young boy who is drinking and smoking. He is looking at a young girl and they are both smiling at each other. Their facial expression connotes that they like each other. This part of the movie is set on the beach as the people are sitting on the sand. Another hint of the setting is the sound of the waves. After, the girl runs and the boy runs after her. The area is empty, which adds suspense because they are apart form the crowd and if something happens then they would not have anyone to help them. The girl starts swimming and we could see how empty the sea is. The time is quite early because there is a sun ray on the sea. However, the overall lighting is dull. This also builds suspense that something bad will happen.
The girl goes in the water and starts swimming. There is something dragging her from under the sea and she struggles. This is demonstrated with the aggressive splashes. She holds onto something in the middle of the sea which builds suspense because she needs help but no one is there. We could also tell she is helpless by her facial expression.
The next clip is a woman in bed and a man and a dog sitting on the bed. The room has old curtains suggesting they are not wealthy. A boy comes in and shows his hand with blood dripping. This creates tension because two people are hurt (the girl and now the young boy). The audience starts to worry and wonder whether more people are going to get hurt. At this scene, we have a clear view of the home. The space is small so the furniture is close.
The opening sequence starts with the camera is going through the sea until the next shot. As the camera moves quickly the pace and the volume of the music increases. The use of close up of the water creates suspense because the audience does not know what is going on. At this point, the audience feels as if something is going to appear but the next shot misleads. The next shot is shown through a mid shot of young people having a laugh and talking. The mid shot is a tracking shot from the side, showing the different groups of people. We can see mid shots of a young girl and a young boy. The use of the camera shot implies that they like each other. They are both smiling.
The long shot of the girl running implies that the area is isolated. This builds suspense as no one is around and something might happen to them. The use of long shot of the young girl swimming suggests that something is wrong and dangerous. The next shot of mid-long of the boy builds suspense as we can see no sight of the girl swimming. This makes the audience worry for both characters as they are not in contact anymore. We see the girl swimming from a high angle, suggesting that she has gone deep. We see her hand slowly going down then we lose sight. This forms suspect because we assume something harmful happened to her. We see the girl swimming form a range of shots and angles such as medium, long and low. When we see a mid shot of her starting to panic, we feel worried because we thought there was nothing in the sea from the previous shots and angles. The mid shot of her movement builds tension as we cannot see what is under the water which caused her to be terrified. The use of close up of the girl adds suspense because we can clearly see how hard she is struggling. Suddenly she goes under water. Everything happens so fast that the audience does not know what to think and feel.
The long shot of the water makes the audience seem anxious because they hope to see the girl but they do not.
The next scene is a medium shot of the couples suggesting they are ordinary people. This makes it reliable and something the audience could relate to. A young boy, aged about 10, enters the room and shows the blood on his hand. This is shown with a mid shot. This builds suspense because we can see the blood dripping from his hands. This worries the audience because someone else is getting hurt and they do not know what is happening.
The first editing technique used is cut to show the two clips are different. This happens between the sea and the crowd. This is effective because the audience try to make a connection.
Shot reverse shot has been used to show the girl and the boy like each other. We can see their facial expressions are smiling.
Cuts have been used when they are running towards the sea. The cuts are effective because it increases the pace of the people running, giving the sense of urgency. This builds suspense as we do not know where they are heading to.
The 180 degree rule has also been used when they are running and the girl starts taking off her clothes.
Fade to white has been used between the clip of the sea and the clip when we see two people in a room. This could imply that time has passed. This builds tension because we do not know what happened to the girl and whether she is alive.
The first sound we hear is the background music. The music is mysterious. The music creates suspense because as we see deeper in the sea, the volume and the pace of the music increases. This creates tension because we expect something to appear but the next clip misleads.
The next sounds we hear are people talking, laughing and someone playing the violin. We hear the two people running and the guy is asking where they are going. This seems like they are having fun and are excitable.
When the girl is in the sea we hear water splashing and heavy breathing. The heavy breathing implies that she has swam deep and is tired. This makes the audience wonder how she will get back.
When she swims again, the music is the same as the first one. This helps the audience to make a connection with the sea and the girl. There is a sudden noise which makes the audience jump because the previous music was very low. After, the girl starts screaming which builds suspense because the audience wants to know what caused her to scream. There are a mixture of sounds; splashing, screaming and the music. This hints the audience that there is a link between the first part of the film and the girl. The volume and the pace of the sounds get really high then cuts to silence when we see the girl go down the sea.
Mise en scene and camera
The film I chose is Jaws which was released in 1975. The director is Steven Spielberg.
The beginning of this film is about a group who sits on the sand having fun then a girl and a boy run towards the ocean. The girl starts swimming while the boy lays on the sand. Something happens to the girl under water and she panics.
There is a couple talking then a young boy, aged around 9, enters the room and shows the blood on his hand.
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