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"How-To" Make Cupcakes In Ice Cream Cones

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Brittany Pietras

on 9 December 2010

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Transcript of "How-To" Make Cupcakes In Ice Cream Cones

"How-To" Make Cupcakes IN Ice Cream Cones presentation by:
Brittany Pietras to get started: a quick video ingredients: 1 box Betty Crocker party rainbox chip cake mix water, vegetable oil, & eggs (measurements on box) 1-2 containers
of frosting And onto the baking! 1. heat oven to 350 degrees & place muffin tins in each of 24 muffin cups make cake batter as directed on box & bake for 15-20 minutes Cool completely & place cupcake into ice cream cone frost cupcake, so that it looks like soft serve ice cream sprinkle & decorate! Your cupcakes are finished! enjoy!
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