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Psych Investigation Episodes

No description

Gabi Kraus

on 12 November 2013

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Transcript of Psych Investigation Episodes

Psych Investigation Episodes
By Kevin Weinberg
Science Fiction

Gabrielle Kraus

Psych Investigation Episodes is a young adult science fiction story about people called Psychs with strange abilities. Jack Harris, the main character, finds out that he is a Psych, and is dragged into a murder case concerning other people like him.
Point Of View
The story is told from multiple viewpoints. The most commonly used point of view in the book is of Jack Harris, the main character and protagonist.
Themes Present
This book shows how far some kids will go to stop the constant abuse they suffer when being bullied.


It is mentioned in passing that Unrestricted Psychs are thought of as freaks. Unrestricteds are Psychs that wield greater power and abilities than other.
Time: Present Day
Location: New Jersey, New York
Environment: Suburbs, City
Effect: The location affects the main character during action scenes, as arcitecture and layout pose obstacles for him
One subject covered in the book is of people with strange powers. It is the basis of the plotline. These people, known as Psychs, coexist silently with normal humans. Most people don't know of their existence, and the Psychs have an Organization to keep it that way.
Characters I Liked And Disliked
One character I liked was Paro. His mysterious personality and past was intriguing, and we have similar attitudes when it comes to dealing with people.

One character I disliked, however, was Cemmera Wilson. She was very rude and was quick to cause pointless bloodshed.
Two Lines That Were Shocking Or Moving
"You don't understand- I had the right!"
This line is said by a character named Andy. He was talking about the right to take someone's life. This was shocking because the reader was led to believe that Andy was being forced to kill or be killed by those stronger than him.

This line is moving because one of the character says it after her brother is killed. At first it seems as if she is emotionless, but then it is shown that her brother is her whole world.
Kevin Weinberg
Family: N/A
Born: May 20, 1988
Died: N/A
Lives: New York, USA
Occupations: College Student
I would give this story a 4 out of 5 stars. It is very descriptive and intriguing; however the subject may not appeal to all audiences. For those who like Science Fiction and Fantasy, this is a great read.
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