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TMKY11 school twitter preso

No description

Adam Taylor

on 8 December 2014

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Transcript of TMKY11 school twitter preso

6 Twitter Accounts for a Teacher??
tayvertsA2, tayvertsA2, taybioA4, taybioB5, taybioB6, taybioB7
Teacher in my hall
Teachers in my school
Teachers around the country and world
To get the most our of Twitter,
Educators need to get involved with #Edchat
6 Twitter accounts for School
tayvertsA2, tayvertsA3, taybioA4, taybioB5, taybioB6, taybioB7
Reminders for
this helped
shy students
Share the world
with your students
The students are very resistant!
"We don't care what Ashton Cutcher
had for breakfast."
"Good, I don't care either"
Gave a computer to a student
and asked them to run the class
Twitter feed for the day.
Students not required to do the classwork.
Just tweet about it.
Each student gets an account
and follows the class account
Most teachers are resistant
"i don't have anything to tweet"
Twitter for educators - Contribute to the discussion
Class hashtags and
Student Tweetchat
Benefits for teachers
realtime feedback
sharing board
connect with students

Benefits for students
increased class participation
connecting with other students
connecting with professionals in the real world
building a positive digital footprint

What about student safety
digital responsibility
Build a positive digital footprint
parents are encourage to follow the class account
Once a week we discuss
how to deal with cyberbulling
posting positive online content
dangers of sexting
@2footgiraffe on twitter
Adam Taylor -
Overton High School
co-Coordinate TeachMeet Nashville
tech uncon for teachers.
qr code for this prezi
Other twitter resources.
you don't have to tweet to use twitter
twitter basics
more twitter basics
how to use a hashtag
cybraryman twitter -

List of Educators to follow on twitter
History of scientists on twitter
Students required to follow 5-10 scientists
There are thousands more
Run down of the different features of twitter.
How do you use twitter?
Twitter without a login - still a great resource.
search for topic
You do not need to tweet to use twitter
follow a couple good educators and hashtags
get on twitter 10 min a day
click signup
then use the search box
Twitter with a login
Twitter with a login and intention to tweet
10-15 min a day - no tweet 2 weeks
search for and follow educators
If you wouldn't say it to your grandma don't say it
or what you bought at the store
demo a tweet
GOOD. At least you know it!
#Edchat archive
Things to be aware of:
Twitter is not Email
you do not need to read every tweet
treat it like a water fall - put your cup in when you're thirsty
If you start getting mentions from
ppl you don't know and all they have is a link in the tweet. - Block'em
Archive of #scistuchat
Contact info
You only need one account
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