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Ovid: Pygmalion

No description

Michael Gonzalez

on 2 December 2012

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Transcript of Ovid: Pygmalion

By Michael Gonzalez Ovid's Pygmalion Ovid's Pygmalion Pygmalion: A Summary L'Origine de la sculpture ou Pygmalion
priant Vénus d'animer sa statue" Modern Reimaginings Famous Artists and Pygmalion Disney's "Life Size" Orpheus by John Macallan Swan -Pygmalion scorns all woman
-Creates a statue of a
"perfect" woman
-Falls desperately in love
with the statue
-Prays to Venus for someone:
"like his statue"
-Returns home, kisses the statue,
and she comes to Life. Disney made-for-tv
movie where Casey
(Lindsay Lohan) turns
her doll into a live
human. The End One of the stories Orpheus tells as he
plays in the woods Pygmalion by Boris Vallejo Oil Painting by Jean-Baptiste Regnault
Made for Versaille in 1786 Pygmalion and Galatea
by Rodin 1889 Pygmalion Galatée
By Anne Louis Girodet Pinnochio Screencaps from Disney's "Pinnochio" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iyPxpb3WOdo
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