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Everyone's a Visual Learner

A session on visual thinking in the classroom at the 2011 POD / HBCUFDN conference

Derek Bruff

on 25 September 2015

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Transcript of Everyone's a Visual Learner

Focus on Forest
Picture Superiority
The Brain is Like Jenga
Death by PowerPoint
by Stella Flores & Jacob Thornton,
Vanderbilt University
"Movie Narrative Charts" by xkcd
Concept Maps
Jennifer Osterhage's Story -
Map Relationships...
Derek's Story: http://is.gd/KseLlC
“Pipes,” .:Axle:., Flickr (CC)
Debate Maps
...Among Data:
...Among Ideas:
Many Eyes "Word Tree" - http://is.gd/UdUDI7
Coordinate Axes
Source: http://movies.yahoo.com/feature/infographic-dangerous-zombies.html
Hans Rosling: http://is.gd/VzFJ64
Spatial arrangements convey meaning.
Source: http://spectrum.ieee.org/static/hacker-matrix
Source: Michael Cembalest, JP Morgan, http://is.gd/gQti2K
“Arguments,” el patojo, Flickr (CC)
Amplify by Simplifying
Resources Are Scarce
By Chance
Based on Need
"Ain't No Making It" by Sarah Stiles & Students, Georgetown U.
Everyone's a Visual Learner
Using Visual Thinking in the Classroom
Derek Bruff
Vanderbilt University
Jose Vazquez
University of Illinois-UC
Twitter Hashtags: #podhbcu #vizthink
"Eye," Michele Catania, Flickr (CC)
Where to find good images?
Think of a concept that's often challenging for you to teach. Then use Compfight to find an image that represents that concept. Email the link to derek.bruff@vanderbilt.edu.
The Challenge:
The Opportunity
"touch-up," Katie Harris, Flickr (CC)
There are no such things as learning styles.
Different content benefits from different teaching modalities.
Source: "Teaching at Its Best," Linda Nilson, Chapter 26
*Not everyone, of course, since some learners have visual impairments.
People learn better when multiple modalities are used.
Visual thinking tools help everyone.*
"Square Peg, Round Hole," Yoel Ben-Avraham, Flickr (CC)
"Come Feel the Illinoise," Paul Mayne, Flickr (CC)
Visual Presentations
Your Turn!
"Ghost Writer," Derek Bruff, Flickr (CC)
Visual Engagement
Using the paper and markers provided, sketch one or more ideas you have for using visual thinking in your teaching.
Your Turn!
Don't do this.
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