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Andrea Lee

on 3 June 2013

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Transcript of Marriage

Our Hypothesis
Even though more and more
people are beginning to believe marriage is
old-fashioned, we believe many will still want to get married because they want to feel loved. Marriage By: Erica Lampert and Andrea Lee Research Questions 1) Why do people want to get married?
2) Why do some people find it acceptable for
a man and a women to be married; but not two people of the same gender?
3) What does marriage mean to people and what does it mean to a person when they get married?
4) Why do people feel they would be unhappy without a partner?
5) Why does society put emphasis on marriage and relationships? Background Information When marriage began in the 1550s it was a business between two families instead of love between two people.
The main idea of marriage was seeking wealth and reproduction.
If there was an obstruction of harmony between the two, they could simply "divorce" with no court work...however divorce today is a lengthy process. Statistics Today, 47% of women are having children before marriage and while they are in their 20's.
80% of Americans say that they plan on getting married at some point in their lives.
Most people today say that marriage is a status symbol and it is the last step of adulthood.
60% of Americans have stated that marriage is very important to society; while 78% say that marriage is somewhat important to our society.
Children who have parents whom are married tend to have less behavioral problems, are less involved with drugs and are less likely to have children of their own at a young age.
51% of Americans today, are married. The sheet above contains the survey questions we asked our fellow students to answer about marriage Our Students' Desires to Marry Our Students feelings on Same Sex Marriage Our Students' View on if Marriage is Old Fashioned Our Students feelings on Societies Pressure How Pressured Students' Feel to Marry In the Future Our Data Our Results What Does our Data mean? From the Data that we collected, we can conclude that teenagers and young adults do not feel that marriage is old-fashioned. We can also conclude that our hypothesis was correct in stating that our fellow students still desire to marry in their futures even though research states that several people are not planning to marry. This means that marriage is still an important concept to our society even though most are marrying later in their life times. Also from our data we can see that our generation believes marriage is more about love and commitment rather than for economic reasons such as money and reproduction. This could then mean less divorces for the future if young adults are seeking a person to love and spend their life with rather than for money or a higher status. Recommendations If a person was to further research this study, they would first need to survey several more people. We only survey about 50 from our classes, which meant most of our subjects were Juniors and female. To get more of the population view we'd need more subjects that represent our population to avoid skewing the data. Also, there are several more follow up questions a person should ask such as:
What are some reasons people marry?
Should people have children before or after marriage?
Why do people feel the need to get married?
Do you believe that marriage is a social status that people try to achieve?
Why do you feel divorce happens?
Do you feel people are marrying earlier or later in life?
And finally, what is the proper time for a man to ask a women to marry him?
We would also recommend interviewing married couples and asking them how they view marriage now that they are married. Asking divorced couples as well could lead into why people get a divorce and what the most important meaning of marriage is. We also suggest asking students in college who are more mature and are now planning their futures on their out look of marriage. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? How can this Issue be improved and What Lies ahead? Marriage can become more important in a person's life if they learn to wait. Our generation needs to realize that marriage should not be a status symbol and should be an important mile stone into developing as an adult. Marriage is something that needs to be taken seriously. If a person is not happy in a relationship they need to move on to a new chapter in their life and not stay it in the relationship just to claim a high status.
If our generation can realize the importance of marrying at the right time, we then believe fewer marriages will end in divorce in the future and more people will marry for love and commitment.
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