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Silas Marner Chapter 8

No description

Priyanka Lopez

on 10 October 2012

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Transcript of Silas Marner Chapter 8

Godfrey returns, thinking of Nancy all the while. Dunstan is nowhere to be found. Next morning, everyone is discussing the robbery. Godfrey and other people from Raveloe go to Silas' house to inspect the scene. A tinder box is found. Opinions on the incident: Possessed
Occult forces found the money
Clues are useless Some defend him. Mr Snell remembers the peddler with the tinder box. Silas remembers him, but never invited him in. Godfrey remembers him as a cheery lad, dismisses the idea that the peddler was involved. Godfrey leaves town, in search of Dunstan. Encounters Bryce, comes to know of Wildfire's death. Godfrey decides to tell Squire Cass of Nancy and the money.
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