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Fran Cheeseburger

on 3 August 2013

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Transcript of SUI DYNASTY

Emperor Wen
-took the throne by force and proclaimed himself emperor.
Emperor Yang
-gained the throne after his father's death
Sui Dynasty
The Decline of the Sui Dynasty
-massive expeditions into the Korean Peninsula to invade Goguryeo, spending most of the dynasty's funds on the army, weaponry and transportation
Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism, Chinese folk religion

Emperors or Rulers:
581 - 604 Emperor Wen of Sui
604 - 617 Emperor Yang of Sui
Historical Era:
Established - March 4, 581
Disestablished - May 23, 618

Wen Sui
Chang'an (which was renamed Daxing)
Yang Sui
-known as the "Cultured Emperor"
-famous for bankrupting the state treasury with warfare and construction projects,
-expanded the Great Wall
-extended the empire
The Grand Canal that links theYellow River and Yangtze River
-restored Confucian education and the Confucian examination system for bureaucrats
-declared war against Korea (Goguryeo; one of Korea's kingdoms)
-established the grand canal
-involved in decadent luxury at expense and art
Sui Dynasty Pilgrim Flask
A large and rare bronze mirror with mythical animals and long inscription
Dragon Boats
Chinese monetary
The "Guardian" figure
-taxes where heavily imposed to support the military funds
-Emperor Yang forced people into manual labor and civil war flourished because of his cruelty
-Flooding of the Yellow River (China's Sorrow") which is the sign of the Mandate of Heaven's disapproval toward the emperor (found at the Dynastic Cycle)
-citizens rebelled against the emperor
-Declined the help did not support the Nomads
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