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Cuban Missile Crisis

No description

Sydney Huang

on 27 January 2013

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Transcript of Cuban Missile Crisis

Cuban Missile Crisis Background Batista - disliked by Cubans $$$ for USA Castro Cuba American "Playground" Fulgencio Batista Poor Cubans No rights/democracy Opposition crushed Castro - rebellion/revolution John F. Kennedy Effects of Rebellion Castro becomes leader of Cuba

US stops buying their oil and sugar Operation Ortsac Training pro-US Cuban exiles

Plan for an invasion of Cuba by the USA Bay of Pigs - April 1961 Cuba looks to Russia for help Khrushchev US finds out about missiles USA's reaction Threatened

Their short range missiles could attack from Cuba JFK's 3 Options JKF televises discovery of missiles

Orders blockade

Khrushchev backs out Quarantine - 1962 1. Attack

2. Negotiate

3. Quarantine Russia and US Agreements Russia withdraws missiles from Cuba

USA ends quarantine

USA will not attack Cuba Today Significance Success for Kennedy.

On the verge of a nuclear warfare

Need for closer international communication American President in 1961

Space Race, Cuban Missile Crisis, Bay of Pig Communist president in 1958.

Space Race, Cuban Missile Crisis, Bay of Pigs. Cuba in trouble:
- Cuba depends on it's oil and sugar industry, but USA isn't buying from them anymore

So makes a deal with Khrushchev:
- Russia will buy Cuba's goods, on the condition that Russia can place missiles in Cuba. Invasion was a failure

JFK embarrassed By Charlene and Eunice Just in case Obama Administration has liberated the travel restrictions

Religious institutions, universities and other cultural + educational groups are able to travel to Cuba.

More USA airports to run charter flights to Cuba. Castro raised an army

He returns + rebels

Operation Verano = failed

Batista flees Communist

Led a rebellion against Batista
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