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St.Lucy of Blindness

A Milan Washington project

A Student

on 7 October 2013

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Transcript of St.Lucy of Blindness

St.Lucy of Blindness
St.Lucy's life.
Project by Milan Washington
Saint Lucy was born in 283AD. She lived in Syracuse, Sicily.
She was born rich of a noble parents. Her father was from the Roman origin. Her father died when she was just five years old and that left a responsibility for her mother who was suffering from a bleeding disorder. The feast day of St.Lucy is December 13. St.Lucy is the patron Saint of Blindness. St.Lucy is also known as St.Lucia. She died in the year 304 AD.
How St.Lucy became a saint.
The Story of St.Lucy's eyes.
There are two stories about St.Lucy's eyes. One story tell us that Lucy gifted her eyes to the Pagan man and asked to be left alone. Another story is that during the torture, St.Lucys eyes were taken out and God restored them. Either way we know that St.Lucys eyes were taken out and God restored them. That's why she is named the Patron of Blindness.
Saint Lucy's eyes
St.Lucy's mother wanted Lucy to marry a rich Pagan man. Lucy did not want to marry the Pagan man. She asked her mother to give dowry to the poor. Her mother did not agree. As a teenager, St.Lucy gave her life to God. Saint Agatha came to Lucy in a dream telling her that Lucy's mother was healed and informed Lucy that she will be the Glory of Syracuse. When the Pagan man that proposed to Lucy heard that she gave her life to God, he was angry. He decided to destroy Lucy's life, telling the Governor of Syracuse that she was a Christian. The governor sent his guards to take Lucy to a brothel house and insult her in public. When the soldiers came to take her, they said she could not move because she said the Holy Spirit was field in her. When the Governor asked Lucy how could she stay strong, she said that it was the power of Jesus, her Lord and God. After that they decided to torture Lucy to death and she died as a martyr.
Why I think St.Lucy is a good Saint and why I admire her.
In Sweden St.Lucy or St.Lucia day is one of the most important days on the Swedish calender. The eldest girl in the family portrays St.Lucy by wearing a white robe in the morning and is allowed to wear a crown full of candles. She serves her parents with Lucia or Lucy buns and coffee or mulled wine. In church the women sing the traditional song of St.Lucy or St.Lucia. The song describes how she overcame the darkness with light. St.Lucy or St.Lucia is usually a girl with long blond hair.
I admire St.Lucy because she took her own life for her beliefs in God. I think she is a good saint because she stuck up for her faith in God when the governor asked her how she was staying so strong. Another reason why I think she is a good saint because she gave her own life to God and cherished that she did that.
How to celebrate St.Lucy or Lucia day.
Sources Used.
dowry- the money, goods, or estate that a woman brings to her husband in marriage
martyr-a person who voluntarily suffers death as the penalty of witnessing to and refusing to renounce a religion.
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