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Tiger´s curse

No description

Ana Berceli Bermudez Holguin

on 26 March 2014

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Transcript of Tiger´s curse

Tiger´s curse
Chapter 15:
Chapter 14:
Chapter 13:
Chapter 12:
One important thing that happened in this chapter is when Ren and Kelsey left The Cave of kanheri. At night when the animals are hunting, they have to cross the jungle to get to the jeep and go home but on the road Ren fiths with another tiger and Kelsey gets worried and tries to find Ren. A black panther tried to attack her and Ren protected her by fighting with the panther and scaring it away.
Another important thing is that Mr.Kadam translated all the writing from the paper rubbings and the pictures that Ren and Kelsey took of the monolith. Mr kadam discovered that they have to give four gifts and five sacrifices to Durga and they have to pass together the tasks in order to break the curse.
In this chapter Mr. Kadam told Kelsey that he is 22 years older than Ren, that he was born in a military family of the Kshatriya caste. He also tell her that his wife was in the same caste and their marriage was arranged
In this chapter when Ren finished reading an old poem of India to Kelsey he asked her if he could kiss her and Kelsey just closed her eyes and waited for Ren kiss but he was waiting her answer so she said him that he could and Ren said sorry and leaved Kelsey alone.
While Kelsey was alone a men dressed in a black shirt and pants go with her, he was like Ren but in a darker form. Kelsey knew immediately that he was Ren´s brother Kishan but they just talked for a moment because when Ren arrived they began to fight and Kelsey tried to stopped, when they finally stopped Kelsey helped them cleaning their wounds.
In this chapter Kishan don´t accept going with them because he likes his tiger´s life and he refused have more deaths in his life and he said to Kelsey that Ren need to hunt to protect her because he is too skinny to be a tiger.
While Ren was Hunting Kishan take cared of Kelsey and he told her about Ren´s fiancée, that she has amazing violet eyes, full pink lips and she was a petite. He also told her about how he get in love with her.
One day Ren and Kelsey go to the jungle and stay a few days there because Ren want to find his brother and say him about the curse and he think that his brother could be there. When they arrived Ren showed Kelsey his favorite place and it was a beautiful waterfall
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