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Radiance Book Talk

No description

Marissa Marsh

on 21 March 2013

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Transcript of Radiance Book Talk

“Most people think that death is the end. The end of life- of good times- the end of, well, pretty much everything. But those people are wrong. Dead wrong. And I should know. I died almost a year ago.” Radiance ABOUT THE BOOK Radiance is written by Alyson Noel
It’s part of The Immortals series.
Other books by Alyson Noel are Shimmer, Evermore, Blue Moon, Shadowland, and Dark Flame.
Radiance is a science fiction/fantasy book.
The main characters are Riley, Bodhi (Riley's teacher and guide), and Buttercup, Riley's dog.
The story takes place in the afterlife in a place called “here” where the time is always “now” Summary Riley Bloom died almost one year ago in a car accident and has left her family and friends back on Earth when she entered the afterlife. Riley and her dog Buttercup thought that they were able to watch over Riley’s sister Ever back on earth, before Riley was summoned by the council. She has been assigned a job as a soul catcher, and a teacher named Bodhi. Riley, Buttercup, and Bohdi's first mission is to return back to Earth to try to get the "Radiant Boy," a ghost who's been haunting a castle for centuries, to cross the bridge into the afterlife. Many soul catchers had tried to do this, but failed. Will Riley be able to get him to cross the bridge, or will she fail like the rest of the soul catchers? Who Would Enjoy the Book I think that girls would mostly enjoy this book because it’s from a girls’ perspective.
It’s more for an intermediate reader because it can get really confusing especially when they switch settings. Why I Chose the Book I chose the book because I read the back of this book and it sounded interesting.
Also the cover of the book THANKS FOR WATCHING!! Will Riley be able to get the Radiant Boy to cross the bridge into the afterlife?
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