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States Bird

No description

Madison Sparks

on 20 May 2016

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Transcript of States Bird

States Motto
Interesting Facts
Major Cities and Capital Cities
The capital of my state is Raleigh. The capital city is located in the North East part of NC.Raleigh has a population of 2,214,516 people.Other major cities in my state are Charlotte, Ashville, and Durham.
My state is located in the Southeast region of the United States.The highest point in NC is Mount Mitchell. Its elevation 6,684 feet. NC is bordered by Tennessee, Virginia, Kentucky, Georgia, and South Carolina.
States Bird
NC's state bird is a
Esse quam virder
"To be, rather than to seem"
and flower
NC's state flower is Flowering Dogwood
Famous people from NC
Andy Griffith~Actor
James K. Polk~President
Andrew Johnson~President
Natural Resources and Industries
Some natural resources that are harvested in NC are Forests, Wetlands, Water, Wildlife, and Fish.
Some important industries found in NC are manufacturing, aviation, aerospace, automotive, agriculture, energy, and banking.
If you ever visit NC you should really visit these attractions!
Builtmore House
Outer Banks
1. The first State Of The Art Museum is located in Raleigh.
2. The Wright brothers completed the first successful flight in Kitty Hawk, NC.
3. The first English child was born in, Roanoke, NC.
4. The first Pepsi was created in NC
5. The Builtmore house in Ashville is the largest private house in the world, with 250 rooms.
NC's nickname is The Tar Heel State
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